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Reading Digitally

Sarah and Peter talk about making the transition from paper books to digital books.

Sarah: So now that there's so much technology to be able to read things, do you still read things the old fashion way like newspapers, magazines, real books?

Peter: Right, right. Oh, good question. I think it depends. I've stopped buying magazines and newspapers, definitely. I always access that online because it's so easy and convenient and you can read different newspapers from different countries all over the world and it's really easy to access. So I've stopped buying any of those kinds of things, magazines too. But with books I sometimes ... I sometimes still buy books that I would really like to have and like to keep. I used to collect books but I've stopped doing that too unless I really, really like the book and want it as a keepsake. Yes, and my habits of reading, I guess, have also changed. I use my phone to access most of the newspapers and magazines or use my iPad to do that. Yeah, it's really convenient. What about you, did you change your reading habits with changes in technology?

Sarah: Yes, I definitely did. Not because I wanted to, I still like the aspect of having a real book, but because I move so much, and internationally, it's just not practical to bring all your books with you, so much weight.

Peter: I agree.

Sarah: So I have a Kindle, but I found since I got an iTouch that I tend to read all of my books from there because I always have it with me, and it's light, and it's portable, and it holds like so many books.

Peter: Yeah, I know, it's so convenient. You can just take everything with you, your whole library.

Sarah: It really is.

Peter: Yeah. So tell me about the iTouch. I've actually never used one, but it seems to me that it's really small. Can you actually read on it and use it easily?

Sarah: Yeah, well, it's just like the same size as an iPhone, but you can change the text size on it, so if you wanted the text larger, you can.

Peter: Okay.

Sarah: But it really doesn't bother me if the text is small because I have really good eyesight, so.

Peter: Some people swear by the Kindle, so you mentioned that you used one before, why did you stop using that?

Sarah: It's a little heavier, a little bigger, a little heavier and so I tend not to carry it with me all the time so therefore I don't always have it with me. If I'm in my apartment I use the Kindle but if I'm out or on the bus or something like that then I'll just use my iTouch.

Peter: Yeah because it's very pocket size really, isn't it?

Sarah: Yes, same size as a phone, so very convenient.

Peter: How about audio books, do you listen to any audio books?

Sarah: Not really audio books but definitely audio, like language series so sort of like audio books. So when I'm trying to learn a language I listen to those a lot.

Peter: Oh, okay. Yeah, I like listening to audio book when I'm driving somewhere especially because they make long journeys go quicker. I guess when I'm travelling on the train or airplane then I like to read and then I often like to read on paper. It's funny, I think with the glare of the screen sometimes makes my eyes really tired when I have to read using my iPhone or tablet or something then. But yeah, most of the time it's fun to take everything along and see what you can read and enjoy different things I guess.

Sarah: What's the latest audio book that you've listened to?

Peter: I think I've listened to a series of comedy sketches. That's always funny because it keeps you awake while you're driving. And yeah, it's just a selection of comedy sketches and it's really entertaining. But that's the latest one I've listened to. I think before that I listened to, I think it was some kind of heavy ... some heavy linguistic topic that I was ... some book that I was interested in so yeah. And you?

Sarah: I have never tried the audio book and I'm interested.

Peter: You should, it's quite fun. Yeah, yeah.

Sarah: Yeah.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary


notesI really like the book and want it as a keepsake.

A keepsake is an item that helps you remember something or someone. Notice the following:

  1. She kept the necklace as a keepsake to remember her grandmother.
  2. This T-shirt is a keepsake from my trip to Hawaii.


notesIt's just not practical to bring all your books with you.

Practical means useful or effective. Notice the following:

  1. It's very practical to bring a laptop computer to class.
  2. Coming late to work is not a practical way to run a business.

swear by

notesSome people swear by the Kindle.

To swear by something is to love or trust something. Notice the following:

  1. He swears by Adidas for all his sports equipment.
  2. I swear by Apple computers; I won't buy another brand.

be out

notesI use the iTouch if I'm out

When you are out, you are not at home or work. Notice the following:

  1. She is out now, but you can leave a message if you like.
  2. When I'm out, I always bring an umbrella, just in case.


notesThe glare of the screen sometimes makes my eyes really tired.

A glare is a bright light or reflection of light. Notice the following:

  1. The glare of the sun made it difficult to drive.
  2. I have to wear sunglasses because the glare off of the windows.

Vocabulary Quiz

keepsake • practical • swear by
be out • glare
  1. Most textbooks are not .
  2. I will all morning, but back by lunch.
  3. I this diet. It really works.
  4. I want this book for a .
  5. The off the window hurts my eyes.

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