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Sun vs Snow

Amy and Paul talk about where they would love to live and why it appeals to them.

Paul: So, we were talking about climates, Amy. Uhm, you know are there any sort of climates that you’d like to live in?

Aimee: I would like to live in Iceland or Scandinavia.

Paul: Interesting. Why would you like to live in that sort of climate?

Aimee: Uhm, The snow is just so beautiful and my image of those countries is that their infrastructure is sufficient enough to keep you warm when you’re inside. You know? But I’d say it's just so beautiful. The snow is amazing, It quietens everything. I think it’s glorious. I just really like it. I used to ski when I was younger. So I always ... I like skiing and I like the hills, and yeah, and the snow on hills is just beautiful for me. How about you?

Paul: Well I, I love snow too, but I don’t like it when it gets so slushy and sloppy you know, and your feet are freezing. You know I think like, the ideal of snow is really appealing. I’m not sure about, you know, living in it. I prefer, I don’t know maybe the climate of like Southern Italy, kind of Mediterranean, climate I think that would be really quite pleasant. You know? Not too hot, by the sea, although yeah, in the summer, it does gets hot. But I don’t think it’s the humidity.

Aimee: Right, I was just thinking about that. What kind of heat is it? Is it a dry heat?

Paul: I think it is a drier heat. Yeah, yeah, whereas the heat we obviously we get here is unbearable at times, right?

Aimee: Yeah, it’s really bad. Yeah.

Paul: So, uhm….

Aimee: What’s the highest temperature? What’s the range of temperature in Southern Italy , what kind of climate, do you know?

Paul: Not sure, I guess maybe at this time of year it starts getting up towards 20 degrees C.

Aimee: That’s nice.

Paul: And then I think it does you know places like Sicily, I think it does get pretty hot, probably like high 30s? Yeah, yeah, so and I think the winters are probably quite mild, unless you’re from the North of Italy of course, near the mountains.

Aimee: Yeah.

Paul: Down in the south it remains kind of pretty mild, you know?

Aimee: Aha, if it’s in the Med ... It's my images of that. I’ve never been to Italy so I don’t know. I’ve been to the South of France and it got really hot. That was a nice temperature. It was dry, and yeah the nighttime wasn’t too hot either, it was really nice during the day. That was a nice climate, I think.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary



It quietens everything.

To quieten means to make something quite or calm. Notice the following:

  1. His presesence could quiten a room.
  2. Her rude comment quitened the the discussion.



It gets so slushy and sloppy.

Slushy refers to partially melted snow or blended ice. Notice the following:

  1. My frappaccino is getting slushy.
  2. After the sun comes out, the snow gets slushy.



It gets so slushy and sloppy.

Sloppy means not tidy or neat. Notice the following:

  1. He has sloppy handwriting.
  2. He was fired for sloppy work.




The winters are probably quite mild.

Mild usually means not too hot or not too cold. Notice the following:

  1. Most people like to live in mild climates.
  2. This chili sauce is quite mild.



It’s in the Med.

Here, 'Med' is short for Mediterranean. It can also be short for Medical. 'Meds' is short for medicine. Notice the following:

  1. We took a cruise around the Med. (Mediterranean)
  2. He works in the Med Department. (Medical)
  3. He needs to take his meds. (medicine)

Vocabulary Quiz

quieten • sloppy • slushy
mild • MED
  1. We took a cruise around the .
  2. His work was very .
  3. We are having weather.
  4. The snow got when it warmed up.
  5. A bad joke will a room.

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