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Katie and Todd continue talks about the experience with cultures around the world.

Todd: OK, we'll talk about movies.

Katie: OK.

Todd: Have you ever seen a German movie?

Katie: I haven't seen a German movie. I haven't seen very many movies.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Katie: Even English movies, I haven't seen very many.

Todd: Well, have you seen a Canadian movie?

Katie: Uh, I don't know. Have I?

Todd: Well, the thing is, in Hollywood in America, all the famous actors are Canadian, so I think everybody's seen a Canadian movie.

Katie: I've definitely seen a Canadian actor.

Todd: Yeah, all actors in America are Canadian it seems like.

Katie: I think so.

Todd: OK, have you ever bought something from Italy?

Katie: From Italy. I have. I have bought - not for me - but I bought my mother a bag from Italy one time.

Todd: OK, what was the brand?

Katie: I have no idea. She asked me to buy a brand and I bought it, but I don't know which one it was.

Todd: OK, have you bought something from Japan?

Katie: I've bought lots of things from Japan. I've lived in Japan for a few years, so I've bought all kinds of things from Japan.

Todd: OK, and now we'll move on to countries.

Katie: OK.

Todd: Have you ever been to France?

Katie: I have. Actually, I have been to France a couple of times. My high school has a house in France, so for our school trips we would go to France every year.

Todd: Ooh, how nice.

Katie: Yeah, how about you? Have you been to France?

Todd: You know, I haven't really. I took a bus from England to Prague, so the bus drove through France, but it never stopped.

Katie: I see.

Todd: What other countries have you been to?

Katie: I've been to Germany, I've been to Hong Kong, I've been to South Korea, and I've been to China.

Todd: Wow, you've been to a lot of places.

Katie: Yeah. How about you? What countries have you been to?

Todd: Ah, I've been to countries in Europe. I've been to Israel. I've been to Cambodia, and Laos. I worked in Thailand, and I've been to Taiwan and Korea.

Katie: Wow. Which country did you like the best?

Todd: Oh boy! That's impossible. I will say this, I love ... I love Seoul. I love Seoul, Korea. It's a great city. OK, anyway, thanks Katie.

Katie: Thank you.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Audio Lessons about Phrases and Vocabulary

the thing is


The things is, all actors are Canadian.

The phrase 'the thing is' is used to introduce a topic or statement. It is similar to the phrase 'look'. Notice the following:

  1. Can we talk. The thing is I don't love you anymore.
  2. Look, the thing is you have to start working harder.

it seems like


All actors in America are Canadian it seems like.

We use the phrase 'it seems like' to highlight things that happen a lot. Notice the following:

  1. It seems like everything is more expensive.
  2. It seems like he is always late.

I have no idea


I have no idea.

When you have no idea about something, you have nothing to answer or offer to a question. Notice the following:

  • What time is the next train?
  • I have no idea.

move on


Now we'll move on to countries.

Here, the when you move on to something, you change topics. Notice the following:

  1. We are done with sales. Let's move on to ads.
  2. I am tired of talking about this. Can we move on?

Oh, boy!


Oh, boy! That's impossible.

The phrase 'oh, boy!' is an interjection. We use it show surprise or a feeling of difficulty. Notice the following:

  • Guess what? I went shopping.
  • Oh, boy! What did you buy?



Anyway, thanks

We often use the phrase 'anyway' to show we will end the conversation. Notice the following:

  • It was such a good movie.
  • I agree. Anyway. I have to go, so see you later.
  • OK, see you later.

Vocabulary Quiz

thing • boy • anyway
move • seems • idea
  1. I have no what he said.
  2. Well, , let's talk about this later.
  3. It like it you don't care.
  4. The is you should know better.
  5. Oh, ! What did you do?
  6. Let's on and discuss this later.

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