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ESL students can learn English with lessons featuring audio (and/or video), a script, interactive quiz and vocabulary activities.

1500 Hana
1500 Learning with TV
Good shows to learn English.
1499 Hana
1499 Learning English
Learn tips to learn English
1498 Ollga
1498 Breaking Bad Habits!
How to change one's life.
1497 Olga
1497 Health Proverbs
Proverbs about how to stay healthy.

1496 Gyri
1496 Talents and Abilities
What talents would you like to have?
1495 Gyri
1495 Overcoming Fear
Dealing with things that scare us.
1494 Rachel
1494 Expiration Dates
Talking about best buy dates
1493 Rachel
1493 Throw it out!
When do people throw away food?
1492 Olga
1492 Head, Heart, Hand
Olga shares a fun way to learn.

1491 Olga
1491 Health Coach
Olga shares tips for living a good life!
1490 Ben
1490 Music and Money
Ben and Hanna discuss the music industry.
1489 Ben
1489 High School Band
Ben talks about being a rock band in high school.

1488 Gyri
1488 Super Hero Skills
What skill would you like to have?
1487 Gyri
1487 Hard Work vs Talent
What trait is more important to success?

1486 Shantel
1486 Life in Italy
Shantel compares life and cultures.
1485 Rachel
1485 Birds Don't Fly
The birds of New Zealand
1484 Rachel
1484 Pests and Predators
An animal issue in New Zealand

1483 Jin
1483 Death to Email
How communication is changing
1482 Jib
1482 Phone Addictions
Can you live without your phone?

1481 Jin
1481 Best and Worst Gifts
Gifts people love and hate

1480 Jin
1480 Giving Gifts
Do you like to give gifts?

1479 Shantel
1479 Guns, Cars and Kisses
Myths and truths about America

1478 Shantel
1478 Burgers and Baseball
Food and sport stereotypes

1477 Jin
1477 Price of Clothes
How much do people pay for clothes?

1476 Jin
1476 Seasonal Clothes
How fashion tastes change in a year
1475 Megen
1475 Holidays for Fun
Australia Day and Valentine's Day
1474 Megen
1474 Adopting Holidays
Making a holiday a new tradition
1473 Megen
1473 Hot and Cold Christmas
Christmas is different climates.
1472 Aimee
1472 Giving Gifts
The hassle of buying presents.
1471 Aimee
1471 Black Friday
Learn about this popular shopping day.
1479 Meg
1470 Media - Then and Now
Comparing movies and news eras.
1469 Meg
1469 Life - Then and Now
Comparing life past and present

1468 Katie
1468 My English Town
Katie talks about her town in England.
1467 Katie
1467 My English Family
Katie talks about her family.
1466 Todd
1466 Body Idioms Part 2
Meg and Todd discuss common idioms.

1466 Todd
1465 Body Idioms Part 1
Meg and Todd discuss common idioms.

1464 Abidemi
1464 Vietnam / Myranmar
Abidemi talks about her summer break.

1463 Abidemi
1463 Thailand / Laos
Abidemi talks about Southeast Asia.

1462 Jin
1462 Nepal Travel Tips
Katie takes a culture test.

1461 Jin
1461 Nepal by Region
Jin talks about Nepals different areas.

1460 Katie
1460 House on Loan
Katie asks to stay at Todd's house.

1459 Meg
1459 Have to Move
Meg talks about moving.

1383 Macho Women
1458 More International Test
Katie takes another culture test.

1457 Katie
1457 International Test
Katie takes a culture test.

1456 Brain Drain
1456 Brain Drain
Pernais talks about Jamaica.

1455 Out of Country
1455 Out of Country
Pernais talks about Jamaica.
1454 Life in the Artic
1454 Life in the Artic
How people live in the Artic!

1453 Life Happens Up North
1453 Life Happens Up North
Working and living in the artic.

1452 A typical day
1452 A typical day
Todd and Aimee discuss routines.

1451 Favorite Foods
1451 Favorite Foods
Todd and Aimee discuss favorites.

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