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Seasonal Clothing

Jen talks with Todd about clothes for the various seasons.
Todd: Hey Jenn, how are you today?

Jen: Hi Todd, I'm fine thank you. How are you?

Todd: I am doing pretty good. It's kind of getting colder, so I like that, I don't like super hot weather.

Jen: Really, it's kind of opposite for me because I really hate that it's getting colder day by day.

Todd: Oh you don't like the cooler weather?

Jen: No, my fingers start swelling and it's really tough because you cannot really go outside. You just want to stay in your bed all day, you become very unproductive I guess.

Todd: Yeah, I guess I can kind of ... Yeah, I know what you mean by that. But, at least in the winter, at least in the fall you can wear warmer clothes so I enjoy that. Although I don't like having to do so much laundry because you wear so many more clothes. In summer, it's just so easy to do your laundry I think.

Jen: Yeah, you're talking about warmer clothes. But the thing is, if it was summer you wouldn't really feel like wearing any warm clothes at all because that would be unnecessary. That's why I would rather go for summer than winter.

Todd: Well I know, but what I'm saying is that in the summer you don't have to wear so many clothes. You just have a tee shirt, shorts, that's about it, pants.

Jen: Yeah, and your laundry problem would also not exist.

Todd: Exactly. Although, I don't have that many clothes anyway. I have the same three pairs of pants that I wear, so that's the benefit of being much older. How about you, do you have lots of clothes?

Jen: Yeah, but I think even if I was older I would still have a lot of clothes. Maybe it has to do with me always shopping all the time.

Todd: Actually, what do you do with your clothes for the season? Do you pack away your clothes for the season? Do you pack away your winter clothes or your summer clothes?

Jen: Yes, actually during winter I pack all my summer clothes and tuck it away somewhere. And during summer, I do the opposite yeah.

Todd: Yeah, I now am regretting it so much because in the summer it was so hot this summer and I had these big sweatpants and sweaters and they were taking up space in my closet and I just threw them away. And I knew winter was coming and I would regret it, and now I regret it because I have to go buy all new sweatshirts.

Jen: Why would you do that?

Todd: I just hate clutter and yeah, it was really short sighted wasn't it?

Jen: Yeah, it was. I'm so sorry, but yeah I'm being blunt but you should have just packed it and put it somewhere you couldn't see so it didn't bother you that much.

Todd: I know. About clothing, how often do you keep clothes? So, you're young but you've reached, you're not going to grow too much anymore, right? You can keep your clothes a long time. Unlike me, unless I get fatter, I'm not going to grow any taller because I'm so much older. I keep my clothes sometimes for like ten years.

Jen: Ten years?

Todd: Yeah. What about your parents? I bet your dad has shirts and pants that he's had for ten years.

Jen: Yeah, that's true actually my dad does use old clothes. But sometimes I also use his clothes because I think it's kind of cool.

Todd: It is cool.

Jen: It's like recycling.

Todd: That's sweet, like so what is a piece of clothing that your dad has that you wear sometimes?

Jen: Actually the jacket that I was wearing yesterday, I got it from my dad and I wear it so much because I love it.

Todd: But so , it's a woman's jacket?

Jen: No, it's a guy's jacket but I wear it.

Todd: Oh really, it was his jacket?

Jen: Yes.

Todd: Oh really? Okay, that is cool.

Jen: And I miss him a lot so that just reminds me of him and that's why I like to wear it a lot.

Todd: That's really nice. How about your mom, do you share clothes with your mother?

Jen: I'm very thin and she's not so thin, so we cannot share the same clothes.

Todd: Yeah. My stepfather and I used to always be the same size, and now I'm a little bit bigger than him. And he says that his pants are only 34 inches, which is quite small in America, and I'm like there's no way. It looks like we're the same size, but we're not I guess.

Jen: I mean I could wear my moms clothes, like I did my dad's, because, but then you cannot really do that because if you wear your mom's clothes it will just look like you borrowed clothes from someone. But if you wear your dad's clothes it will look cooler I guess.

Todd: Right, yeah. I know what you mean. That's cool, how about your friends, do you share clothes with your friends?

Jen: No, not with my friends but with my cousins, sisters, yeah.

Todd: Oh really, oh nice.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

pack away


Do you pack it away?

Here, to pack something away means to put it away, or store it someplace like in a closet. Notice the following:

  1. I need to pack all these books away.
  2. She packed all my old clothes away.



I tuck it away somewhere.

When you tuck something away, you hide it or place it out of view. Notice the following:

  1. He tucked all his receipts away in a box.
  2. You need to tuck in your shirt.

throw them away


I just threw them away.

When you throw something away, you put it in the trash and dispose of it. Notice the following:

  1. Why did you throw all my old shirts away?
  2. I threw them away because you never wear them.



I just hate clutter.

Clutter refers to a messy area, or an area that is not neat and organized. Notice the following:

  1. His desk is very cluttered.
  2. After the party there was lots of clutter on the floor.



It was really short-sighted wasn't it?

Here, short-sighted means not thinking of the future. Notice the following:

  1. Young people live in the moment. They're short-sighted.
  2. Unsuccessful businesses are often short-sighted.
Answer the following questions about the interview.


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Vocabulary Quiz

pack • tuck • throw
short-sighted • clutter
  1. There is a lot of on the desk.
  2. I should my shorts away for spring.
  3. I hate to away good food.
  4. I in my shirt at work.
  5. His plan was very .