Mixer #4 | Intermediate B1

Cinema vs. DVD

Six people discuss whether they prefer watching a movie at the cinema or on DVD.

Anita, Taiwan
speakerWhat would I rather do, what a movie on DVD or at the cinema? I think I would rather watch a movie at the cinema because in the cinema they have a really good stereo so you can really enjoy the movie. Of course, watching a movie on DVD is good because you can relax at home but I would choose to spend the money and go to the cinema and have a really good time.

Martin, United States
speakerMy favorite way to watch a movie is at the cinema. I like the experience of being in a cinema, sitting in those nice comfy chairs, but especially the big screen. I think that's the most important thing as well as the sound in a cinema is a lot nicer than the one in my home, but seeing Laurence on Arabia or any other epic on a big screen is quite the experience and I'm willing to go take the time and see it at the cinema rather than at home.

Barbara, Australia
speakerWould I rather watch a movie at the cinema or at home on DVD? Well, I would definitely rather go to the cinema. There's a special magic at the cinema. You know, you're sitting there with your friends and you know, talking before the movie starts and then the lights go down and you've got your popcorn and your soft drinks and everything. That reminds me of, you know, having fun in childhood. If you're at home, you can, with a DVD, you can fast forward or whatever you like. Maybe it's more convenient, but it's just not so much fun.

Ruth, England
speakerDVD or the cinema? That's a good question. I mean I really like watching DVDs with my friends. I really like going to someone's house and it's a cheap way of watching a movie but I also really like going the cinema and I really like the atmosphere there. I prefer the atmosphere there to watching a DVD, and the other thing about the cinema is that I concentrate when I'm at the cinema. If I watch a DVD at home. I stop and go and I do some jobs. I can't focus, so I would say that I like the cinema.

Simon, Canada
speakerAh, no question, it's much better to watch a movie in the cinema, movie theater. I mean the screen is ten times as big, the sound system is huge and it's an outing. You know, watching a DVD at home is kind of like watching TV. No big deal.

Jeannie, United States
speakerOK, so I prefer to watch movies in a cinema. I love the big screen and the surround sound is great and and I like to sit around a lot of people and get their reactions as well as my own. Unfortunately a lot of times, it's just cheaper to see it on a DVD for me because people often give me DVDs as gifts.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Learn vocabulary from the lesson!



It's nice to sit in those comfy chairs.

'Comfy' is short for comfortable. Usually chairs and beds are described as comfy.  Notice the following:

  1. Do you have a comfy chair in your house?
  2. The seats in the new theater are really comfy.

special magic


There's a special magic at the cinemas.

Here, a 'special magic' means that there is a special feeling watching a movie at the cinema.  For most people, it's different than watching a DVD at home.  Notice the following:

  1.  For kids, there is a special magic to Disneyland.
  2. There's a special magic to driving a super old car.



I can fast forward a DVD.

To 'fast forward' a DVD is to make the DVD move forward faster than normal. The opposite of this is to rewind a movie. You can also fast-forward music on a CD or computer. Notice the following:

  1. This part is really boring, press fast forward.
  2. I always fast-forward through the previews at the beginning of the movie.

no question


No question, it's better to watch at the movie theater.

'No question' means that we are 100% sure about something. If you are very certain that it will rain tomorrow, you might say, "No question, we will need to bring umbrellas."  Notice the following:

  1. No question he'll be the next prime minister.
  2. elllo is the best ESL site on the internet.  No question about it.

an outing


It's an outing.

'An outing' is a special event most often held outdoors. For an outing we go somewhere interesting like the beach, camping, or on a picnic.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm going on an outing this week with my co-workers.
  2. Sarah's on a beach outing with her friends.

Vocabulary Quiz

comfy • magic • fast-forward
no question • outing
  1. People feel a special in a place like Italy.
  2. There is that this class will be a lot of work, but I think I will enjoy it.
  3. through the beginning of this song. I want you to help me understand the part in the middle.
  4. Our class is going on an to a French restaurant tomorrow.
  5. I'm going to change into some pants to watch the movie.

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