Mixer #17 | Intermediate B1


Six people introduce themselves and say something about their country.

speakerHello, my name is Anita and I'm from Taiwan and Taiwan is a very small country and I'm not sure where Taiwan can be considered a country or not. I like Taiwan very well because we have nice food, nice weather, the winter is warm and people are friendly. I like to stay in Taiwan very much.

speakerMy name is Jeyong Kim. I am from Korea and I'm 19 years old. Koreans like Kim-chi, yes, and most of the Koreans like spicy food, but I for example cannot eat spicy food very well because my tongue gets really hot and, mm.

speakerHi, my name is Martin. I'm from Seattle, Washington in the United States. Ah, Seattle if you haven't heard of it is one the Northwest corner of the U.S. It's very famous for salmon and the space needle. I went to school there, at the University of Washington. It's a very beautiful campus. Very large campus. There's 30,000 people there, on the campus. People from all over the world, just like I'm sure you've seen.

speakerHello, my name is Naomi. I'm from Australia. In Australia I live on the sunshine coast. Which as you can tell from the name is a very sunny place. We have very beautiful beaches, so often. I will go to the beach with my dog and my family and we have a very outdoor lifestyle there.

speakerHello, my name is Marion and I'm from Ireland. One thing I love about Ireland is the green that's everywhere. We have lots of space in Ireland and lots of nature, so lots of green fields and mountains and it's great to be able to go and walk along the hills and the mountains, when you feel like taking some exercise.

speakerMy name is Akane and I'm from Toronto, Canada. One thing that I like about my country is that in Canada there are lots of different kinds of apples and I really like apples. Usually you can get them for about 99 cents a pound and there are many varieties such as Granny Smith, and Macintosh, which were invented in Ontario, and Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, my favorite is Royal Gala.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

as you can tell


As you can tell, it’s a very sunny place.

The phrase 'as you can tell', means that something is obvious. If you are sneezing and blowing your nose, you can say, “As you can tell, I have a terrible cold.”  Notice the following.

  1. Jake is in great shape.  As you can tell, he works out almost everyday.
  2. As you can tell from those clouds, we should probably take an umbrella.



It's a very beautiful campus.

A 'campus' is the buildings and land at your school or university.  Notice the following:

  1. We are not allowed to smoke on campus.
  2. On-campus housing is really expensive.



I love the green that’s everywhere.

'Green' means nature here. The green that is so beautiful in Ireland might be the forest or the mountains that have green grass, plants and trees.   Notice the following:

  1. The city has made an effort to go green by planting more trees.
  2. The green of the Amazon looks amazing from the air.

take some exercise


I feel like taking some exercise.

To 'take some exercise' means the same as to get some exercise, or using the verb form, simply exercise.  If you go running, go to the gym, or even just take a walk, then you are taking some exercise.  Notice the following:

  1. I take exercise before work in the morning.
  2. I exercise before work in the morning.

cents a pound


Apples are 99 cents a pound.

One cent is one hundredth of a US dollar.  99 cents a pound is a way to describe the price of food. One pound (About 0.45 kg) is a measurement of weight, and for a pound of apples, it costs Akane 99 cents.  Notice the following:

  1. When I was a kid, bananas were about 10 cents a pound. Now they are over 50 cents!
  2. Rice is about 60 cents a pound in the US.


Vocabulary Quiz

can tell • campus • green
take some • a pound
  1. Watermelon is on sale this week for 30 cents .
  2. As you I'm a little upset right now.
  3. Even though it's a city it's still very because it has a lot of parks and trees.
  4. The at my university was so big that I got exercise just walking to and from my classes.
  5. It is always a lot easier to focus on my work after I exercise.

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