Mixer #22 | Intermediate B1


Six people talk about how they feel about shopping.

Kate, New Zealand
speakerI like to go shopping and I usually go to the department stores, although they can be a little bit expensive, and I usually shop at Gap or some of the cheaper places in my country, in New Zealand, it's called Glassins and also there are flea markets which I enjoy to just have a look around. I don't buy used clothes that often unless I need them for an event or university event or something. Jewelry I love to buy.

Mark, United States
speakerI guess like a lot of guys I don't usually like shopping. I'd rather go to the store, know what I want to get, go in, get that thing, buy it and get out. If I got a lot of money, I guess it would be nice to kind of stroll around and shop some but still, I just, usually I'd rather be more focused and just go buy what I want and get out so I'm not a really big fan of shopping.

Jeanie, United States
speakerOK, what do I think about shopping? I really don't like shopping. I'm usually very easily bored with buying things. I try to make really quick decisions, the only exception being with jewelry because it always catches my attention, and then I end up spending too much money, so yes, shopping is definitely not a thing I like to do very often.

Jim, England
speakerSo I hate shopping. Don't like it at all. The only time I really go shopping is when I go to the super market to get some food or some supplies. I try to avoid clothes shopping because I find it so boring and I tend to rely on my girlfriend or my mother to buy me clothes, which is a little bit sad.

Eucharia, Ireland
speakerI go shopping everywhere. In Ireland there are many charity shops, with kind of once worn, or unwanted gift type dresses, so I really like shopping there for really exotic dresses, and when I go shopping, the one time in the year I go shopping I have to think about clothes to wear for distinct seasons of the year, so it's quite a challenge. I go shopping usually to just normal middle of the road type places, but I really, really like shoe shopping.

Alan, Canada
speakerWhat do I think about shopping? Well, I don't really go shopping unless I have to as far was when I buy clothes or things that I need for the house. If I need them, I will go out and buy them, but I don't really like to browse and look around too much, window shop, anything like that. I do however do enjoy food shopping. I enjoy that. Everyone has to food shop at least once a week, so I enjoy shopping for food more than I do shopping for other things.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

have a look around


I like to go to shopping malls and just have a look around.

When we 'have a look around' that means we check to see if there is anything interesting.  It can be looking for something positive or negative. Notice the following:

  1. I heard a strange noise downstairs.  I'm going to have a look around.
  2. There is a big sale at mall.  Let's go have a look around.



When shopping, I try to make quick decisions, the only exception being with jewelry.

To make an 'exception' means to do something differently than we usually do in similar situations.  Notice the following:

  1. I never loan money, but you're my friend so I'll make an exception.
  2. With the exception of Liverpool matches, my dad never watches TV.

catch [my] attention


Jewelry always catches my attention.

When something or someone 'catches our attention,' we become interested.  Notice the following:

  1. Cool clothes always catch people's attention.
  2. Her mixed British-American accent caught my attention.

rely on


I tend to rely on my girlfriend or my mother to buy my clothes.

When we 'rely on' somebody for something, that means we need them to support or take care of us.  Notice the following:

  1. I rely on my secretary to manage my schedule.
  2. Most kids rely on their parents for spending money.



I go shopping for clothes to wear for distinct seasons.

The word 'distinct' is similar in meaning to 'specific' or 'clearly different'. Notice the following:

  1. As of March 2010, there are 10 distinct time zones in Russia.
  2. Swiss citizens speak four distinct languages.

Vocabulary Quiz

look around • exception • her attention
relying on • distinct
  1. With the of pretzels, I don't like salty snacks.
  2. The north and south parts of Vietnam have two cultures.
  3. You can sleep if you want, but I am going to go the city a little bit.
  4. I stopped my parents when I finished university.
  5. He caught because of his bright colored clothes.

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