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See what people like and don't like to shop for.
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Ruth, England
speakerSomething I like shopping for? I like shopping for everything. I like shopping for clothes. I like shopping for food. I like shopping for presents. Everything. Maybe the one exception would be shopping for DIY things: things like pliers and gardening tools and wallpaper. I'm not really interested in things like that but that's the exception. Other than that, everything.

Simon, Canada
speakerWhat do I like shopping for? I like shopping for food, going to the supermarket looking at -- especially a nice good supermarket and looking at all the weird and cool and wacky food. That's pretty fun. What I don't like shopping for is everything else. I'm not really a big shopping fan. I like to buy as quickly as possible and get out as quickly as possible and that's it.

Al, England
speakerI don't really enjoy shopping at all but I guess if I have to go shopping, the one type of shopping I enjoy is bread shopping. I really enjoy looking for really good bread and smelling the bread in the bread shop, but usually I don't, I'm not a big fan of shopping anyway.

Mitchell, The United States
speakerI enjoy shopping for food because I like eating and I do not enjoy shopping for cosmetic stuff like for example shampoo - girls stuff. I do not like shopping with girls because they tend to take long and look at every item at least ten seconds but I enjoy shopping for food for myself.

Ruth, Ireland
speakerThe thing I most enjoy shopping for is shoes. I could shop and shop and never get tired of them. The last time I visited Ireland. I bought five pairs of shoes in three days. I just love them.

Tres, The United States
speakerI like shopping for clothing. It's a lot of fun finding new shirts or new jeans to put on, trying out new outfits that I normally wouldn't wear. The only thing I dislike about it are the prices of course, but I really have a good time going out and looking for things - that hunter-gatherer instinct in me.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson!

the one exception


The one exception would be shopping.

An exception is something that is in some way, different than other similar things.  Notice the following:

  1. I hate sports, the one exception being ping-pong.  That's fun!
  2. School's boring.  The one exception would be English class.

DIY things


Shopping for DIY things.

DIY means 'Do-it-yourself'.  We use DIY items to fix or take care of things in and around our home.  Notice the following:

  1. You can find gardening tools in the DYI department.
  2. I'm not a DIY person.  I can't fix anything.



I enjoy wacky food

We use the word 'wacky to talk about people or things that are unusual in a funny way.  Notice the following:

  1. Jim Carrey is a wacky guy.
  2. It's a wacky TV comedy show.

girls stuff


I do not enjoy shopping for girls stuff.

Girls stuff would mean cosmetics, perfume, fashion accessories, stuff like that.  Notice the following:

  1. The girls stuff is on the third floor.
  2. Girls stuff is so expensive!



I have that hunter-gatherer instinct.

'Hunter-gatherer' is a phrase we use to talk about at time when people hunted animals and looked for plants to eat for survival.  Notice the following:

  1. Primative people were hunter-gatherers.
  2. My shopaholic girlfriend's a modern hunter-gatherer!

Vocabulary Quiz

exception • DIY things • wacky
girls' stuff • hunter
  1. I think the style in the 1980s was pretty .
  2. After many years of living alone she has a big collection of .
  3. Video games fulfill the instinct for men.
  4. He was always scared of in his older sister's room.
  5. In general, I don't like sweets, but my one is chocolate chip cookies.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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