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Favorite Gadget

We ask people what their favorite gadget.

Aki / Japan
speakerMy favorite gadget's the computer. I can't live without Internet or e-mailing or skyping. I always talk with my friends over Skype, domestic and international. I also always do a lot of Internet shopping. I love shopping on amazon.com

Lindsay / United States
speakerMy favorite gadget is the cell phone. I really like being able to contact my friends at anytime I want to and I use it so often as a dictionary or to talk to my friends or to e-mail my friends or even to take pictures.

Shalini / Canada
speakerTo tell you the the truth, I'm not much of a gadget person, however this little eight gigabyte hard-drive thing that I have here has really come in handy. It's thin and light and saves all my documents.

Lori / Canada
speakerI'm not really all that fond of electronic gadgets but I guess the only one I use regularly now is my cellphone in Japan. When I first got my cell phone, I was really excited because it's years ahead in technology from what we have in Canada so that's really the only gadget that I use right now.

Tom / United States
speakerI really love this electric hotpot I have. When I get home, I fill it full of water. I plug it in. I throw in some tea and I already have relaxed.

Jeff / Canada
speakerMy favorite gadget is a handheld game system that I just got, but I didn't buy it for the games. I bought it for the software you can get that turns it into an electronic dictionary and it actually recognizes you handwritings so you can write on the screen and look up words, that way. It's really fun.

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My favorite gadget is my cell phone.

A gadget is a small, usually electronic or battery-powered, tool such as a cell phone, an electronic dictionary, or a remote control. See some additional examples below:

  1. When I go camping, I take a break from technology and leave all of my electronic gadgets at home.
  2. This little gadget can count the distance you travel when you walk or run.



I always talk with my friends over Skype, domestic and international.

Domestic refers to one’s home. In the example above, “home” has a larger meaning: one’s state or country. Domestic is the opposite of international. See two more samples below:

  1. She hasn’t been to practice this week because she is having some domestic problems.
  2. If you are taking a domestic flight you should go to terminal one – for international flights, go to terminal two.



I really like being able to contact my friends at anytime on my cell phone.

In the example above, contact means to call someone by phone. See the example sentences below.

  1. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
  2. Football, hockey, and rugby are contact sports.

years ahead


My new cell phone is years ahead in technology from my last one.

Years ahead means that something is technologically, intellectually, or artistically advanced. Notice the example sentences below:

  1. He was years ahead of his classmates in Math.
  2. He was the first person to play music like that so that style wasn’t popular until later. He was years ahead of his time.



I plug it in.

A plug is the tool at the end of an electrical cord that goes into an outlet on the wall. It is also used as a verb: to plug in. See more examples below:

  1. I plugged in the plug.
  2. Did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in?

Vocabulary Quiz

gadgets • contact • domestic
plug • years ahead
  1. Please me if you need me.
  2. Did you fly or International?
  3. Can I my phone in here?
  4. This app is light of the competition.
  5. I had too many so I sold some and tossed some.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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