Beginner English #12 | Present Continuous

Where is everyone?

Hana comes over and asks what everone is doing.

Hana: Hello!

Daniel: Hello, come in.

Hana: Where is everyone?

Daniel: Well, everyone is doing something right now.

Hana: Oh, really? Where's your mom?

Daniel: My mom? She's at the mall. I think she's shopping. I think she's getting the groceries for the week.

Hana: Oh! How about your dad?

Daniel: Well, every weekend he goes to the country club, so I think he's playing golf with his friend now.

Hana: Where's your brother and sister?

Daniel: My brother, he's upstairs. I think he's probably sleeping or playing video games as he always does. And my sister, she's at school. She's playing soccer cause she has a game today.

Hana: Oh, really? When does the game start?

Daniel: I think in twenty or thirty minutes.

Hana: Let's go watch it.

Daniel: Really, that sounds fun. Let's go.

Grammar Patterns


  • What is everyone doing?
  • What is your sister doing?
  • What is your dad doing?


  • Everyone is doing something.
  • She is studying at school.
  • He is working at home.


  • She is not cooking now.
  • She is not playing videos games now.
  • He is not workign today.

Yes / No Questions

  • Is she playing today?
  • Is he getting ready?
  • Are they waiting for me?

Short Response

  • Not that I know of
  • I hope so
  • I think so
Answer these questions about the interview.

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