B1 English | Present Perfect

Wedding Plans

Meg talks about the things she needs to do for her wedding.

Todd: So, Meg, you're getting married soon. How are things going?

Meg: Things are going pretty well. We have a lot of planning to do.

Todd: I bet. So have you hired a band yet?

Meg: No, we haven't hired a band yet. My brother has some friends who were in a band. So he's going to ask them.

Todd: Cool. And have you gotten the caterer for the wedding?

Meg: Yes, we have gotten a caterer because the food is very important. So we ordered it in advance.

Todd: Oh, what kind of food?

Meg: We're going to have traditional American food.

Todd: Oh, nice. Nice. So have you bought a dress yet?

Meg: Yes, of course, I have bought a dress. That's the most important part. So last week I picked up my new dress.

Todd: Have you tried it on yet?

Meg: Yes, I've tried it on many times already.

Todd: Okay. Cool. Have you shown it to your groom-to-be?

Meg: No. I haven't shown it to my groom-to be because it has to be a surprise on the wedding day.

Todd: Oh, that's right. So have you ordered the flowers?

Meg: No, not yet. I haven't ordered the flowers because I'm waiting for some special flowers from the florist. So still waiting.

Todd: And have you sent out the invitations?

Meg: Yes. We have sent out the invitations. We sent them out maybe a month ago.

Todd: Oh, cool. So then I assume you have booked the hall.

Meg: Yes. We have booked the hall because we wanted to have it at a special hall. So we booked it probably six months ago.

Todd: Okay. Cool. Well, the only one problem, I didn't get an invite. Am I invited to your wedding?

Meg: Oh, I brought the invitation with me today.

Todd: Okay. Great. Thanks.

Grammar Patterns


  • Who have hired to play music?
  • What caterer have you chosen?
  • Why have not ordered the flowers?


  • I have ordered the flowers already.
  • My mother has booked the church.
  • The invitations have just arrived.


  • We have not ordered the flowers yet.
  • We still have not paid the bill.
  • I have not seen her in her dress yet.

Yes / No Questions

  • Have you ordered the food?
  • Have you selected a band for the wedding?
  • Have you tried on the ring?

Short Response

  • Yes, we have.
  • No, we haven't.
  • Not yet.
Answer these questions about the interview.
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