Beginner English #19 | Be vs Have

Guess the City

Sarah and John try to guess a city in America. This lesson looks at simple Yes / No Questions.

Todd: Okay. Sarah and John, we are going to play a guessing game.

Sarah: Great.

John: Sounds great.

Todd: I will describe a city, what city is this in America? First city. It's a really big city and sometimes, it has cold weather, it has lots of snow. Sometimes it's very hot in summer. It has all seasons.

John: Well, I know. Is it Milwaukee?

Todd: No, not Milwaukee. It has really tall buildings.

Sarah: I know. I think it's Chicago.

Todd: No, it's not Chicago.

Sarah: Oh.

Todd: It is a very expensive city and maybe it's America's most famous city.

John: Oh, I got it. It's New York City.

Todd: Ping-pong. Okay. Next city. This city has warm weather most of the year. It also is really, really big, a very big city. And it is famous for movie stars and the movie industry.

Sarah: I know. I think it's L.A.

Todd: Yes, Los Angeles. Ping-pong.

Sarah: Yay.

Todd: Well, you got it. Okay. Next city. This city has different seasons. It is cold in winter, a little bit, and it is usually warm in summer. It has lots of fog and it never has snow.

Sarah: Hmm.

John: Umm.

Todd: It rains sometimes and it has a big famous bridge.

Sarah: Hmm, is it San Francisco.

Todd: Ping-pong.

John: Good job.

Sarah: Thank you.

John: I was going to guess Seattle.

Todd: Okay. Last city. This city is also famous in America, of course. And it has warm weather, and it is usually hot all year. And it never snows but it rains and it has nice long beaches.

John: Oh, is it Orlando, Florida?

Todd: Not Orlando but it is in Florida.

Sarah: Hmm, is it Miami?

Todd: Ping-pong.

John: Good job.

Sarah: Thank you.

Todd: So I think it's tied. 2-2?

John: Yeah. Wow.

Todd: Okay. So one more city. Can you guess the city? Okay. So this city has four seasons, so it has snow, it has rain, it has beautiful colors in the fall, lots of leaves and it has old historical buildings.

Sarah: Hmm.

John: Oh. I know it. It's Chicago.

Todd: Not Chicago.

Sarah: No, no. I think it's Boston.

Todd: It is. Ping-pong.

John: Wow.

Todd: Sarah wins. Nice one.

Sarah: Yay. Thank you.

Grammar Patterns - Be vs Have

Describing Things - Adjectives - (is / are)

  1. He is really nice.
  2. It is not very big.
  3. It is usually hot in summer.
  4. The beaches are not crowded.

Describing Things - Nouns - (is / are)

  1. He is a really nice person.
  2. It is a very big city.
  3. It is a nice time of year.
  4. It is not a dangerous place.

Describing Things - Nouns - (has / have)

  1. The city has a nice park.
  2. The downtown has many tall buildings.
  3. The streets have lots of trees.
  4. It has great weather.

Describing Things - Nouns - (has / have) Negative

  1. The city does not have a nice park.
  2. The downtown doesn't have many tall buildings.
  3. The streets do not have lots of trees.
  4. It does not get much snow.

Describing Things - It

  1. It has lots of fog. (place)
  2. It is a good watch. (thing)
  3. It was a fun party. (event)
  4. It's a cute alien. (animal-creature)
  5. It is gettng late! (time)
Answer these questions about the interview.

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