Beginner English #20 | Basic Conjunctions

Guess the Movie

Sarah and John try to guess a city in America. This lesson looks at simple Yes / No Questions.
Todd: Okay, guys. We will do another guessing game. This time, guess the movie.

Sarah: Sounds fun.

Todd: Okay. This movie is very famous. It's about 20 years old, maybe 18 years old. And it is about a love story and about two people that meet on a big ship and the ship sinks.

John: Oh, it's really, really famous. Is it Titanic?

Todd: You're right. Ping-pong.

Sarah: Titanic. Titanic.

Todd: Okay. The next movie is also a famous movie, but I never saw this movie, but I know about the movie. And the movie is about a fight. A fight between two creatures, and both creatures, monsters, come from the ocean. They come out of the ocean and they fight each other.

John: Two monsters from the ocean.

Todd: Sometimes, they fight in Japan but the last movie, the monsters fight in America. I think they fight in San Francisco.

Sarah: Ah, is it Godzilla?

Todd: Ping-pong.

Sarah: Yay.

John: Good job.

Sarah: Thank you.

Todd: Okay. So the next movie is also a movie many teenage boys like, and it's also about fighting. And it's about machines that fight each other. And I think the machines come from space. So the machines are not from earth and machines can change, and the machines have special powers.

John: Machines that have special powers and change.

Sarah: I know. It's Transformers.

John: Oh, is that right?

Todd: Yes, Transformers. Ping-pong.

Sarah: Yay.

Todd: Okay. So now, I'm going to go way back. Way back. So this is a movie, also about an alien. And this alien is very kind and the alien is very shy and the alien meets a boy.

John: Oh, I know it.

Todd: And they become friends.

John: Do they ride a bicycle?

Todd: They do ride a bicycle.

John: It's ET.

Todd: That's right. Ping-pong.

John: Yes!

Sarah: Good job.

Todd: Okay. So now, one more movie. Okay. So this movie is also old. This movie is maybe over 25 years old – oh, over 20 years old.

John: I'm better at the old ones.

Todd: Yeah. And in this movie, there is a scientist. And the scientist is trying to find a special treasure, and he goes all around the world and he needs to find a special treasure. And he goes to Egypt. He goes to Asia. And he wants to find something but he has to fight people in the movie.

John: I think it's Indiana Jones.

Todd: Ping-pong. John wins.

John: Yeah.

Sarah: Good job. That's great.

John: I tried really hard.

Grammar - Conjunctions - Linking Ideas

And -> Adding informarion (Conjunction)

  • I am tired, and I am hungry.
  • We went the mall, and we saw a movie.
  • This house is beautiful, and it is not that expensive.
  • She is mad at you, and I agree with her.

Also -> Adding information (Adverb)

  • It is a nice restaurant. Also, the food is great.
  • You are late. Also, you are not dressed!
  • Let's stay inside. I am tired. It is late, also.
  • It is cold outside. It is also windy.

But -> Showing contrast (Conjunction)

  • It is hot outside, but it is cool inside.
  • I am tired, but I cannot sleep.
  • She is funny, but she does not talk much.
  • She left the party, but her boyfriend stayed.

So -> Showing reasons (Conjunction)

  • It was cold, so I took a jacket.
  • You look busy, so let me help you.
  • I want a good grade, so I study a lot.
  • It is expensive, so I cannot buy it.

So -> Introducing statements (Conjunction)

  • So, are you coming to the party?
  • So, this is my house.
  • So, it was a nice party.
  • So, let me tell you a story!
Answer these questions about the interview.