Beginner 1 | Lesson #14 Ordinals

Class Schedule

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Todd: Hello. Are you the new teacher?

Natalie: I am, yes. My name's Natalie. What's your name?

Todd: I'm Todd. Nice to meet you.

Natalie: Nice to meet you, too.

Todd: Welcome to the school.

Natalie: Thank you.

Todd: What is your morning schedule?

Natalie: First period, I teach Math.

Todd: So do I. I teach Math first period, too.

Natalie: Oh, cool. After that, for second period, I teach French.

Todd: You speak French?

Natalie: I do. Oui Oui.

Todd: That's great. Well, I speak some Japanese, so I teach Japanese second period.

Natalie: Oh, that's so cool. I wish I spoke Japanese.

Todd: Yeah, but my Japanese is not very good.

Natalie: Oh.

Todd: But I'm the only teacher that speaks Japanese, so I teach Japanese.

Natalie: Maybe you could teach me one day.

Todd: Maybe, but I don't know much. How about third period? What do you teach third period?

Natalie: Third period, I teach English.

Todd: Ah. I teach English, too. Our schedules are very similar.

Natalie: I know, although it is my first day. I'm a little nervous.

Todd: What about the afternoon schedule? What do you teach fourth period?

Natalie: Fourth period, I think I have Physics.

Todd: Oh, you teach Physics?

Natalie: Yeah. I love Physics. Do you teach Physics?

Todd: No, I don't teach Physics, but I teach Math. I teach Math fourth period.

Natalie: Oh. What do you teach in fifth period?

Todd: In fifth period, that's the sports period. I am the cross-country coach.

Natalie: Oh. I have sports, too, but I'm the coach for swimming.

Todd: Oh, really? Are you a good swimmer?

Natalie: I think I'm a really good swimmer. How about you?

Todd: I can swim, but I'm not a good swimmer. I like running.

Natalie: Oh, I hate running. How far do you run?

Todd: Well, for the class, usually we run 5K every day.

Natalie: Wow! 5K. Sixth period, I hear that's our teaching hours.

Todd: Yeah. Sixth period, we are in the classroom, but the students are free. They can do what they want. But students can come to class and ask questions.

Natalie: Oh, cool. Do lots of students come and ask questions?

Todd: Yeah. Some students come, but not too many.

Natalie: Oh, okay.

Todd: Well, this is your first day and your first week, so maybe the job will be a little crazy. But I think after your second or third week, the job will be very, very easy.

Natalie: I hope so. I'm really excited to meet the students. They seem great.

Todd: Oh, I think the students will like you a lot.

Natalie: Oh, I hope so, too. Maybe if you have some time, you could give me a tour of the school?

Todd: Sure. I'd love to.

Natalie: Great. Thanks.


Point 1: Ordinals are numbers that show the order things appear or occur.
  1. first
  2. second
  3. third
  4. fourth
  5. fifth
  6. sixth
  7. seventh
  8. eight
  9. ninth
  10. tenth
Point 2: Most ordinals are just the number + th
  1. 20th | twentieth
  2. 30th | thirthieth
  3. 40th | fortieth
  4. 50th | fiftieth
Point 3: The numbers 1 - 3 have special ordinals.
  1. 1 | first
  2. 2 | second
  3. 3 | third
  4. 21 | twenty-first
  5. 33 | thirty-third
  6. 82 | eighty-second
Point 4: The numbers 11 and 12 have specials spellings that do not follow the normal rule.
  1. 11 | eleventh
  2. 12 | twelth
  3. 111 | one hundred and eleventh
  4. 512 | five hundred and twelfth
Point 5: Numbers that end in -y change to -ieth.
  1. 20th | twentieth
  2. 30th | thirthieth
  3. 40th | fortieth
  4. 50th | fiftieth
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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