ELLLO Views #308 Quito

308 Quito

Jose talks about his city.

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Todd: Jose, what is Quito like?

Jose: Quito, we say Quito is like the face of God.

Todd: No kidding! The face of God?

Jose: Yes, yes, yes!

Todd: Because?

Jose: Because, you know,at least for us, it's such a beautiful downtown, very old, and actually, UNESCO also has Quito as one the sites like, treasure for the world, I don't know exactly the definition, like Kyoto. Quito is..

Todd: Oh, because it is so beautiful with the architecture.

Jose: Yes! Very, very beautiful.

Todd: How many people live there?

Jose: 1.5 million people.

Todd: Oh, that's not too bad.

Jose: Not too bad. But of course you know, we have many problems social problems and yeah, you have many different points of view and if you come to Quito, we protect you. We have many friends. They can go with you everywhere, but you have to be careful.

Todd: Oh, it's a little violent?

Jose: It depends on the place. Depends on the place. Depends on the area. Depends on the time.

Todd: I mean, well, the US is the same. We have cities in America where it is incredibly dangerous.

Jose: Yes, yes, yes. Of course but, usually I think Ecuadorian people are very kind, very nice, and you can, you'll have a great time. Just let me know and you can stay at my house

Todd: That's sweet!

Jose: No, really, really. You could. I have a house. My folks live there and I, I mean, 90% of the house is empty, so.

Todd: Well, I want to go.

Jose: Please, please come!

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


I don't know exactly the definition.

A 'definition' is the explanation of what a word or phrase means.

Notice the following:

  1. I use a dictionary to help me learn the definition of new words.
  2. Sometimes words can have more than one definition.

point of view

You have many different points of view.

Your 'point of view' is the way you see something. In this case, it refers to your opinion about a specific subject.

Notice the following:

  1. I can see it from your point of view.
  2. He is very stubborn, he refuses to see my point of view.


If you come to Quito, we protect you.

To 'protect' something or someone means to keep it from being harmed or hurt.

Notice the following:

  1. I have a dog who protects me.
  2. The mother protected her child.

depends on

Depends on the area. Depends on the time.

Depends on means when an outcome is reliant on something else. If one thing depends on another there is a connection between the two things.

Notice the following:

  1. I don't know if I can meet you. It depends on whether I finish work on time.
  2. Soccer might be cancelled, it depends on the weather.


That's sweet!

That's 'sweet' is a term used to describe something in a good way. It is similar in meaning to 'cool,' 'great' or 'fantastic.'

Notice the following:

  1. Did you say you loved me? That's sweet!
  2. She wore pink to the party. That's sweet!


Answer the following questions about the interview.



Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
definition • point of • protect
depends on • sweet
  1. We installed 10 new video cameras to help the building.
  2. Your new phone is !
  3. Our work schedule really the weather.
  4. He really sees things from a different view than I do.
  5. I can never remember the of this word.