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Akane talks about her mother and their relationship.

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Ruth: So, Akane, tell me about your family. Who do you get on well with in your family?

Akane: Well, I think I get along the best with my mother, I would say.

Ruth: So, why is that?

Akane: Well, I think it probably has to do with the fact that we're both female. I mean the only other
people in my family are my father and my brother.

Ruth: So, what does your mom look like?

Akane: Well, she's actually taller than me. She has dark hair and a pretty firm build.
Um, she's not too thin and not too fat, and yeah!

Ruth: And what does you mom do? Does she have a job?

Akane: Oh, good question. She's actually a hair dresser. (Wow) Yeah, so she does my hair and
she's also an aesthetician as well so I get free skin care products from her.

Ruth: Oh, that's fantastic.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: So what does your mom like to do when she is not working?

Akane: Well, she used to take sewing lessons, so she really likes to sew things like her own curtains
and she even made me some clothes a few times.

Ruth: Wow, so she's talented.

Akane: Yeah, she's quite artistic.

Ruth: So when did you last see your mom or speak to your mom?

Akane: Well, the last time I saw her was this spring. I stayed at my parents house for about a week and,
yeah, that's when I saw her.

Ruth: Was that a couple of months ago?

Akane: Yeah, a couple of months ago, that's right.

Ruth: And what was the last thing your mom bought for you?

Akane: Actually, just before I came here, we went shopping together and because I have to fly away
to a new country she bought me some new clothes. She bought me a new coat actually.

Ruth: Wow, that's really nice. Well, thanks for that Akane.

Akane: Thanks.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

get on with

Who do you get on well with in your family?

If you have a good relationship or like to be with someone, then you 'get on with' her.  Notice the following:

  1. He doesn't get on well with my sister, because he thinks she is selfish.
  2. My dog gets on poorly with other dogs.

firm build

She has dark hair and a pretty firm build.

If a woman has a 'firm build,' she looks strong and athletic, like she exercises regularly. Notice the following:

  1. After she had her children she lost her firm build.
  2. He has a very firm build because he does yoga every morning.


She's also an aesthetician as well so I get free skin care products from her.

An 'aesthetician' is a professional who cares for skin, usually the skin of the face.  She gives services and products to help make skin look better.  Notice the following:

  1. He had terrible acne when he was a teenager and had to see an aesthetician for professional care.
  2. My aesthetician gave me a new lotion to decrease the wrinkles under my eyes.


She used to take sewing lessons.

You 'sew' when you attach two pieces of cloth using a needle and thread (very thin string).  We sew to fix clothes and also to make new clothes. Notice the following:

  1. Grandmother sews all her own clothes.
  2. My pants have a hole.  I need to sew them.


She really likes to sew things like her own curtains.

'Curtains' are big pieces of cloth that cover windows in a house.  We use them for privacy and decoration.  Notice the following:

  1. Curtains give you more privacy at home.
  2. The new yellow curtains made kitchen look very bright.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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  1. I'm going to all of these little pieces together to make a blanket.
  2. We have known each other for years, but have never on very well.
  3. When he was younger he was very weak, but now he has firm .
  4. She has always been interested in skin, so she is studying to be an .
  5. Those are a little too long for the window.