ELLLO Views #541 Weight Loss

541 Weight Loss

Ruth and Akane talk about losing weight.

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Ruth: Akane, I hope you don't think I'm being rude but you look amazing. Have you lost weight?

Akane: Actually, I have.

Ruth: Wow. How did you do it?

Akane: Well, I've been really eating healthy and working out a bit as well.

Ruth: Wow. I read recently actually in the newspaper that there are lots of new gyms opening up.
Is that what you've been doing, going to the gym?

Akane: Ah, yeah actually. I joined a new gym. It wasn't that expensive either and it's been really good.

Ruth: So, how much was it?

Akane: It was about $30 a month. (Oh) Yeah.

Ruth: So when you so to the gym, what kind of thing do you do?

Akane: Um, well, my favorite thing to do is to run on the treadmill, and sometimes I also do weights.

Ruth: You do weights as well? (Mm-hm) Really heavy weights?

Akane: No just lighter ones.

Ruth: Oh, I see.

Akane: Yeah.

Ruth: So do you mind the fact when you're in the gym the air is really stuffy and you can always smell people's sweat? Does that not bother you?

Akane: It does actually bother me so I do prefer to go when it's not too crowded.

Ruth: Of course, yeah.

Akane: People tend to go after work so I try to go a little bit earlier, or a little bit later. That's a good plan.

Ruth: But you know, sometimes I still wonder if it's healthy to exercise inside because if you
exercise outside you can get more fresh air.

Akane: I think you're right about that. It does feel better when I do get exercise outside,
but sometimes I'm so busy and if the weather's not good, it's just easier to go the gym.

Ruth: Well, I suppose so.

Akane: Yeah, and a little exercise inside is better than no exercise.

Ruth: You're right actually.

Akane: So if I want to lose weight, what would you recommend?

Ruth: Basically, just exercise within you limits and eat healthy.

Akane: I think it's just common sense.

Ruth: Really. Do you think I'll lose weight.

Akane: For sure. I think so, but I don't know what you're talking about. You definitely don't need to lose weight.

Ruth: Well, that's kind of you Akane. OK, thanks.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

work out

I've been really eating healthy and working out a bit as well.

You 'work out' if you do exercise.  This usually refers to exercising in a gym or individually instead of playing team sports.  Notice the following:

  1. He works out every morning before coming to the office.
  2. It was a really busy day, and I didn't have time to work out.


I joined a new gym. It wasn't that expensive either and it's been really good.

If you 'join' a club or a group, you become a member.  Notice the following:

  1. I want to join a gym, so I have a comfortable place to exercise.
  2. He joined a band when he was 17 years old.


My favorite thing to do is to run on the treadmill.

A 'treadmill' is a type of exercise machine that allows you to run or walk while staying in one place.  It has a track that goes in circles under you feet and can move and many different speeds.  Notice the following:

  1. After only ten minutes on the treadmill, I thought I was going to die.
  2. She has a treadmill in her living room, so she can exercise while she watches television.


Do you mind the fact when you're in the gym the air is really stuffy.

If air is 'stuffy,' it feels humid and like there is no ventilation or air movement.  Notice the following:

  1. It feels stuffy in a car with all the windows rolled up.
  2. I have to go for a walk outside.  It feels so stuffy in this office.

common sense

I think it's just common sense.

'Common sense' is something that everybody knows or understands.  It is common sense to not walk in front of a moving car. Notice the following:

  1. He is very intelligent, but has no common sense.
  2. It's common sense that you need food and water to survive.


Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
work out • join • treadmill
stuffy • common
  1. Running on a is so boring compared to running outside.
  2. The attic in this house really .
  3. I really need to today, because I haven't exercised all week.
  4. It's sense not to play with electronics near water.
  5. Now is the best time to a health club, because they're offering discounts.