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825 Cats

825 Stay Cats Part 1
What should be done about the stray cats in their area.

824 Culture

824 Hotel Costs
Mini discusses hotel and prices from three-star hotels and up.

823 Culture

823 Bargains
Mini talks about shopping for clothes and other items.

822 Culture

822 Sri Lanka
Mini suggests three things to do in Sri Lanka.

821 Culture

821 Culture Contrast
Michele compares living in Japan and Canada.

820 City

820 City vs Country
Michele talks about adjusting to life in a big city.

819 Bank

819 Bad Day
Michele explains why things are not going so well.

818 Fans

818 Fan Base
Eoin talks about his fan base and keeping keep them involved.

817 After

817 Fan Base
Eoin talks about what he does to keep fans involved.

816 Prep

816 Band Routine
Eoin talks about the usually routine of playing on tour.

815 Routine

815 The Gig
Eoin talks about what life is like when playing on the road.

814 Ferry

814 Off to Osaka
Eoin talks about what mode of transportation he will use.

813 Band

813 The Rock Band
Eoin talks about his band Nanbanjin.

812 History

812 Dance Teachers
Katia and Fred talk about how they became dance teachers.

811 Salsa

811 Salsa Dancing
Fred and Katia talk about the salsa, the other dances.

810 Belly Dance

810 The Belly Dance
Katia and Fred talk about their new dance school.

809 Bears

809 Bears and Beasts
Asako talks about bears and wolves and wild creatures.

808 Wild

808 Wild Life
Asako talks about living in a big city and living out in nature.

807 Alaska

807 Alaska
Asako talks about her time living in Alaska.

806 Prague

806 Prague Vacation
Anita asks Todd about his time in Prague.

805 San Francisco

805 San Francisco
Anita talks about her time in San Francisco.

804 Prague

804 Prague
Anita talks about her home city of Prague and how it has changed.

803 Jeans

803 Jeans - Part 2
Mariel talks with Todd about jeans and the styles she likes.

802 Jeans

802 Jeans Part 1
Mariel talks more about jeans and the styles she likes.

801 Finland

801 Finland
Mariel talks about what people like about living in her country.

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