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Vocabulary Quiz
normally • canteen • find boring
 looking forward • nice talking
  1. Are you to moving into your new house?
  2. What do you eat for breakfast?
  3. Although it was to her, I really understand why we aren't good friends.
  4. He started his cooking career at a in the army.
  5. Biographies are the only books that I .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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930 Brothers
Ron talks about growing up with his two brothers.

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  • Audio Notes
Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.


I normally bring sandwiches.

Notice the following:

  1. I normally go to bed before midnight.
  2. He normally drives to work.


What kind of food do they serve up in the canteen?

Notice the following:

  1. The canteen serves mainly fried food.
  2. The soldiers can only eat in the canteen.

find boring

What's subject do you find boring?

Notice the following:

  1. I find legal dramas too difficult to follow.
  2. I find Chinese action films really exciting.

Are you looking forward to that?

Notice the following:

  1. I look forward to our next meeting.
  2. We are all looking forward to the holiday break.

nice talking to you

It was very nice talking to you and good luck in your next school.

Notice the following:

  1. It was nice talking to you. We'll be in touch.
  2. Nice talking to you Joe. I hope to see you around.