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Vocabulary Quiz
vaccinations • settings • freaks out
 act funny • talk him out of
  1. His friends are trying to getting married.
  2. I got three yesterday and my arm hurts today.
  3. She always around exam time.
  4. Does he always in front of his boss?
  5. Somebody changed the on the radio in my car.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.
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942 Dog Will Travel
Greg talks about taking his dog with him when he travels locally and globally.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.


He needs a lot of vaccinations.

A vaccination is medicine usually given once by injection that protects us from disease.  Note the following:

  1. We got our dog a vaccination for rabies.
  2. Be sure to get travel vaccinations before you leave.


Make sure the temperature controls are at the right setting.

Settings are controls we use to make electronics perform as we want. Note the following:

  1. Did someone change the settings on my computer?
  2. If the audio does not play, check the settings.

freaked out

When you get off the plane, is your dog freaked out?

'Freaked out' is an idiom we use to describe someone who is very scared or angry.  Note the following:

  1. He freaked out when he lost his wallet.
  2. I freak out at the sight of blood.

act funny

When he sees the cage, does he act funny?

When someone acts funny they behave different than usual.  Note the following:

  1. He acts funny around her.
  2. Our teacher is acting funny today, isn't she?

talk ... out of ...

He tries to talk me out of it.

When we get someone to agree not to do something, we talk them out of it.  Note the following:

  1. The coach talked him out of quitting the team.
  2. I'm buying a car, and don't try to talk me out of it!