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Vocabulary Quiz
it was so • mentality • split the duties
 hired servants • value • bread winner
  1. She doesn't go out a lot now, but in the past .
  2. As soon as he had enough money he to clean his house.
  3. Who is the in your family?
  4. I enjoy being with people, but I really my time alone.
  5. Do you with your housemates?
  6. It is his that women should stay home with the children.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

956 Gender Roles in Sri Lanka
Buddhi talks about gender roles for women in her country of Sri Lanka.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

it was so


In the past it was so.

'It was so' talks about how things were in the past. Notice the samples.

  1. In the US, women are equal to men, but in the past it wasn't so.
  2. Almost no one buys CD's anymore, but in the past it was so.

the mentality


The mentality is such that they expect the women to do all the cooking.

'The mentality' means 'the thinking'. Here are two samples.

  1. In my country, the mentality is such that kids should become independent at a young age.
  2. Unfortunately for some, the mentality is such that just coming to class is enough to learn.

split the duties


Do you split the duties?

When we 'split the duties' we share the work with others. Notice the samples.

  1. I split the household duties with my sister.
  2. Let's split the duties. I'll cook and you clean, OK?

hire a servant


Did you hire a servant?

A servant is similar to a maid. When we hire someone we give them a job. Here are some samples.

  1. Our family was too poor to hire a servant.
  2. I'm so lazy. I wish I could hire a servant to cook and clean.



My husband values what I do.

Here 'values' means 'appreciate'. Notice the sample sentences.

  1. I work so much I'm rarely home, but my kids value what I do.
  2. My wife works hard taking care of the house and kids. I really value what she does.

the bread winner


So, you want to be the bread winner?

'The bread winner' is the person who makes money to support the family. Notice the following.

  1. Being the bread winner carries a lot of responsibility.
  2. Who's the bread winner in your family?