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Vocabulary Quiz
neutral • major conflicts • take a side
involved • tick yes or no • look into • big deal
  1. Graduating from high school or university is a for most people.
  2. She wants to getting a more eco-friendly car.
  3. Are you in any clubs at school?
  4. Two of my friends always argue, but I prefer to keep a position.
  5. Most countries have many throughout their history.
  6. Sometimes my friends and get involved in arguments that are not their own.
  7. You don't have to write out an answer.  Just .
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

967 Swiss Politics
Anja talks about politics and voting and her country.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.



I'm neutral about politics.

When we are 'neutral' we have no strong opinion. Notice the following.

  1. They were arguing but I was neutral.
  2. I'm neutral about the up coming election.

a major conflict


It was a major conflict.

A major conflict means a serious war. Here are two samples.

  1. WWII was a major global conflict
  2. The Middle East has seen major international conflict for decades.

take a side


Sometimes we must take a side.

When we 'take a side' we chose to support one side or the other. Notice the samples.

  1. I hate taking sides in family arguments.
  2. Don't ask me to take a side on that issue.

involved with politics


He's not involved with politics.

To be 'involved' with or in something means to be a part of it. Here are some samples.

  1. Students should become more involved with politics.
  2. The Bush family is heavily involved in politics.

tick a yes or no


Tick yes or no on the answer sheet.

We tick something yes or no to choose an answer. Notice the sample sentences.

  1. Don't tick the boxes yes or no. Blacken them in.
  2. You need to tick yes or no on the entrance application.

look into


It will take time to look into.

When we look into something it means we want to find out some information. Notice the following.

  1. It's an old case so it will take some time to look into.
  2. I'm not sure where to study English so I'm going to take time and look into it.

a big deal


The reunion tour is a really big deal.

Something that's a really big deal is very important. Here are two samples

  1. Graduation is a really big deal.
  2. We're late, but I don't think it's a really big deal.