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Vocabulary Quiz
as well • turns out • yummy
I guess • when it comes to
  1. I failed my German class. I am not good at languages.
  2. He speaks French, and Thai .
  3. I hope the food to be delicious .
  4. I thought the food was .
  5. Well, cooking, I am not very good.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1036 Sri Lankan Food

Buddhi talks about the cuisine of her country of Sri Lanka.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.

as well


I can eat it as well.

"As well" means also or in addition to something.

  1. I like seafood as well as chicken.
  2. I can play hockey, soccer and the piano as well.

turns out to be

It turns out to be really good.


This expression means the result of something, and it is often a surprise to the speaker.

  1. I thought cats were independent animals but it turns out they are quite needy in real life.
  2. Most people think a tomato is a vegetable but it turns out to be a fruit.


It will be very yummy.


A slang expression meaning something is delicious or tasty.

  1. Chocolate gateau is my favorite desert, it is yummy.
  2. Warm soup on a cold night is yummy in my tummy! (tummy = stomach)

When it comes to

When it comes to Sri Lankan food, I'll eat anything.


"When it comes to" means in this case or situation.

  1. When it comes to fashion sense, Ted is clueless.
  2. When it comes to suntan lotion, I want the highest UV coverage.

I guess

So I guess you guys use a lot of coconuts as well.


"I guess" means I imagine or speculate about something, I don't know it definitely.

  1. Jose is from Spain so I guess he plays soccer.
  2. It looks like rain so I guess we should take an umbrella.