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Vocabulary Quiz
struggle • generation • discriminate
built on • apply for
  1. My does not like reading the newspaper.
  2. Companies should not by one's sex or age but they still do sometimes.
  3. That company was hard work.
  4. I sometimes with my weight.
  5. I am going to for a loan.
Comprehension Quiz
Answer the following questions about the interview.

1046 Immigration in America

Todd talks with Yuri about controversy with immigration in the United States.

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Vocabulary notes (text only) explain key vocabulary and phrases from the interview.



The first generation struggles.

“Struggle” means to do something that is not easy. Here, the speaker is talking about the struggle to learn a new language. Notice the samples:

  1. As a kid I was good at English, but I had to struggle with math.
  2. The runner struggled the last kilometer, but finished the race.

second generation


The second generation becomes bilingual

First generation means families who first immigrate to a new country. “Second generation” talks about their children who are usually born in the new country. Notice the following:

  1. The second generation hasn’t struggled as much with the new culture.
  2. Many second generation immigrants are bilingual.

discriminate pay


You cannot discriminate pay for a lower wage.

To discriminate means to treat a person or group worse than another because of race, gender, religion, or nationality. Here, “discriminate pay” means to pay less money. Notice the sample sentences:

  1. In some countries it is OK to discriminate pay based on level of education.
  2. In the United States companies can’t discriminate pay between men and women, but it sometimes happens.

apply for


People would apply for those jobs.

If you apply for something such as a job, you fill in a form to give an organization information about you and to show interest in joining. Here are two examples of “apply for”:

  1. At university I didn’t work so I had to apply for a student loan.
  2. Second generation immigrants don’t often apply for the same jobs as their parents did.

built on


The country was built on foreign labor.

“Build on” means to use the work or Ideas of others as a base to become more successful. In early American history, many workers were foreign immigrants who worked for little, or in the case of slaves, no money. The country was built on their labor. Notice the following:

  1. The 7-11 store chain was built on the idea of fast service for customers.
  2. Her successful business was built on many hours of hard work.