40 Family Resemblance

Six people talk about who they take after in their family.

Mixer Topic

Akane, Canada
speakerWho in your family do you resemble most and why? Well, when I was little I used to resemble more like my father and so did my brother and everybody used to say that we looked like twins, but now, me and my brother look very, very different and I look very much like my mother and my brother looks more like my father.

Martin, The United States
speakerI would say the one person I resemble the most in my family, it would obviously have to be my dad. We both have similar temperments, be that good of bad and we're interested in about the same things. We always have very interesting conversations about politics, baseball and all manner of things that are going on in the world, so my dad and I are the closest people in my family.

Naomi, Australia
speakerWho do I look like in my family? Actually, that's difficult. My family are all so different. None of us really look like each other. My mom, she has very dark hair. She has blue eyes like me but her facial features are completely different from me. My little sister has blond hair like me. That's similar I guess but other than that, we all look completely different.

Simon, Canada
speakerSo who do I resemble, my mother or my father? That's an easy one. I look like and act like my dad for sure. For one, he's bald and now, in my thirties I am also bald, so that's a pretty easy resemblance, you know, two of us walking down the street together, both with no hair. Yeah, he likes to smile. I smile a lot. He's short. I'm short. We both like the same kinds of sports. Yep, I definitely would think that I resemble my dad.

Greg, The United States
speakerWho in my family do I resemble most? I think I resemble my dog, dancer the most. We're both hairy. We're both cute. We're masculine, yet lovable.

Asako, Japan
speakerMy husband say I look like my mom, but I don't think so. My personality is actually like my mom, and let's see, my sister was, she looked really different before but as we get older, it seems like we are getting more and more resembled.


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When I was little I used to resemble my father more.

To 'resemble' someone or something means to look like them. Notice the following:

  1. I resemble my mom more than my dad.
  2. She kind of resembles Angelina Jolie.



We both have similar temperaments, be that good or bad.

We use the word 'temperament' to talk about our typical moods and our reactions in certain situations. Notice the following:

  1. My wife has a quiet temperament. She rarely gets angry.
  2. I don't have the temperament for golf. I'm too serious.

all manner of


We always have very interesting conversations about politics, baseball and all manner of things.

The phrase 'all manner of' is similar in meaning to the phrase 'all kinds of'. Notice the following:

  1. elllo improves your listening, speaking and all manner of English skills.
  2. In life, a good education is useful in all manner of ways.

facial features


Her facial features are completely different from mine.

'Facial features' include our nose, eyes, mouth, and the general shape of our face.

  1. Mom and I have the same facial features.
  2. I think Tom Cruise has slightly Asian facial features. Do you agree?



We're masculine, yet lovable.

We use the word 'masculine' to talk about things we traditionally think of as suitable for men.

  1. He has strong masculine facial features.
  2. Rugby seems to be a masculine sport. Do women play rugby?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
resemble • temperament • all manner
features • masculine
  1. It takes a certain to be a good teacher. You have to be very patient.
  2. People all over the world spend a lot of money changing their facial .
  3. Her attitude about sports has always been a little .
  4. Don't you think that many people their dogs?
  5. I have colored paper, markers, scissors and of things for doing art projects.