Mixer Lessons 126 - 150

In the Mixer lessons, six people share their throughts about the same topic. Lessons come with audio, script, media, quiz and vocab!

Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 150 Bad Habits
Listen to six people admit their bad habits.
MX 103 Belong
Mixer 149 Real Heroes
People discuss who they looked up.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 148 Best Time of Year
Various people share their favorite seasons.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 147 Gadgets Count
People share their thoughts on gadgets.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 146 Cheating
Six people reveal if they ever cheated on a test.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 145 Field Trip
Hear six memories about field trips in school.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 144 How Annoying
Hear what annoys people in the theater.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 143 High School
Speakers share they high school memories.
Mixer 117 Worst Genre
Mixer 142 First Impression
Hear people's first impressions of their friends.
Mixer 116 Plans for the Night
Mixer 141 Shopping online
People share what they have bought online.
Mixer 115 Travel Wish
Mixer 140 Tests
Six people wonder is tests help people learn.
Mixer 114 Low Calorie Treat
Mixer 139 Biggest Threat
Is politics or the environment more worrying?
Mixer 113 Best Genre
Mixer 138 Exotic Pet
How do people feel about exotic pets?
Mixer 112 Best Home City
Mixer 137 Spoiled or Not!
Are kids too spoiled these days?
Mixer 108 Great Student
Mixer 136 Arguing with Strangers!
People discuss geting into arguments in public.
Mixer 108 Great Student
Mixer 135 Best Holiday!
Six people discuss national holidays.
Mixer 108 Great Student
Mixer 134 Country Criticism!
Hear what is not great about some country.
MX 107 Best City
Mixer 133 BFF?
Can men and women be best friends for life?
MX 106 Best Place to Live
Mixer 132 Before Marriage
Should couples live together before marriage?
Mixer 131 Cooking
Mixer 131 Cook or Clean
Listen to what people say they like to do more.
Mixer 130 Big Favor
Mixer 130 Big Favor
Listen to six messages asking for a favor.
Mixer 129 New Sport
Mixer 129 New Sport
What sports do people want in the Olympics?
MX 104 Admirable Athletes
Mixer 128 Going, Gone
Six people discuss what will become obsolete.
MX 103 Belong
Mixer 127 Best Eatery
Six people share the restaurants they like best.
MX101 Calories
Mixer 126 Talent Wish
Hear what people wish they could do.

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