High Beginner 3 | Lesson 3 | Present Continuous

Where is everyone?

Two people discuss what thier family is doing at the moment.

Part 1: Daniel goes to Hana's house.

Daniel: Hey, I'm really sorry I'm late. I came as fast as I could.

Hana: It's OK. Nobody has really come yet.

Daniel: Why? Where are they?

Hana: Well, John is shopping. He is getting some food.

Daniel: OK, what about Emma? Where is she?

Hana: Emma has an exam, so she is studying and she is going to come later.

Daniel: OK, how about Alex? I don't see him around.

Hana: Oh, Alex is over there. He is preparing for the BBQ.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, that's right. And how about Marcus and Emily?

Hana: They are over there. They are playing.

Daniel: Oh, so how many people are left? Who else is coming?

Hana: Uh, I don't know. No one has really contacted me yet.

Daniel: Oh, well, let's hope we can get around ten people maybe.

Hana: Yes, I hope so.

Daniel: Cool!

Part 2: Hana goes to Daniel's house.

Hana: Hello!

Daniel: Hello, come in.

Hana: Where is everyone?

Daniel: Well, everyone is doing something right now.

Hana: Oh, really? Where's your mom?

Daniel: My mom? She's at the mall. I think she's shopping. I think she's getting the groceries for the week.

Hana: Oh! How about your dad?

Daniel: Well, every weekend he goes to the country club, so I think he's playing golf with his friend now.

Hana: Where's your brother and sister?

Daniel: My brother, he's upstairs. I think he's probably sleeping or playing video games as he always does. And my sister, she's at school. She's playing soccer cause she has a game today.

Hana: Oh, really? When does the game start?

Daniel: I think in twenty or thirty minutes.

Hana: Let's go watch it.

Daniel: Really, that sounds fun. Let's go.

Present Continuous

We use the present continuous when an activity is in progress.

(Q) What are you doing?
(A) I am working.
(N) I am not having fun.

(Q) What is she doing?
(A) She is working out.
(N) She is not breathing hard.

(Q) What is he doing?
(A) He is watching TV.
(N) He is not paying attention to me.

(Q) What are they doing?
(A) They are playing cards.
(N) There are not talking to each other.

(Q) What are you doing?
(A) We are getting ready to leave.
(N) We are not planning on staying.

(Q) Are you working?
(A) Yes, I am.
(N) No, I’m not.

Continuous vs. Simple
We use the present continuous tense for an action that starts and finishes within a reasonable time.

We use the present simple tense for an action that is repeating or ongoing.

Answer the following questions about the interview.