News Center | High-Intermediate 6

News #15 Baby Crib

News stories about a baby, milk, transport, computers, a restaurant, and the weather.

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News #21 Car Plates
News stories about a pig, an accident, car plates, an old tree, time, and weather.
News #22 Pumpkins
Stories about the President, Halloween, running, pumpkins, art and a hurricane.

News #23 New Car
Stories about a new car model, wind power, kayak tours, cats, and microwaves.
News #24 New Player
Stories about a new MP3 player, fruit, trees, computer chips, and a car service.

News #25 College Graduates
Stories about college, a meeting, snow, tourism, smoking, and video games.
News #26 Busted
Stories about four debatable topics: cars,
smoking, pictures, and couples.

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