Jingwei and Joseph / Singaporeflaf


Jingwei: Hi, I'm Jingwei.

Joseph: I'm Joseph.

Jingwei: We're both from Singapore and this is for elllo.org. The question today is….

Joseph: Well, are there any dangerous animals in your country?

Jingwei: Huh, we don't see much animals. Snakes probably. Or the monitor lizard. It's a huge lizard. It can grow up to maybe four meters.

Joseph: I guess, but like when our canoeist paddle in the reservoir, they see the monitor lizards frequently but they are rather docile to be honest, so they wouldn't be one of the more dangerous animals to me. To me one of the most dangerous animals would probably be the household cat.

Jingwei: The household cat.

Joseph: Well ...

Jingwei: The domesticated cat?

Joseph: Yep, I mean, you look at it and it's all cute and you don't think it can do anything, and then suddenly like, whoa, it jumps out of nowhere. Yeah, it can be pretty dangerous.

Jingwei: That's because you scare them.

Joseph: Well, I guess it's kind of my fault. But yeah, cat's can be really dangerous if you don't handle them well.

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