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#1043 What can you cook?

Nana: OK, what can you cook?

CleAnn: Well, Nana I can cook almost anything. I can cook easy stuff like rice and beans and peas, to probably more difficult stuff like seasoned types of meat. I can bake. I fry. I can make vegetables. Actually, I make very good pies. We have a food in Trinidad and Tobago we call Macaroni Pie which is very delicious.

Nana: Sounds good.

CleAnn: With lots of melted cheese.

Nana: Sounds really nice.

CleAnn: But what can you cook though?

Nana: It's sad though. I can only cook one thing. It's called stew. Ghanian stew. Tomato stew.

CleAnn: What is it made of? Just tomatoes?

Nana: Tomatoes. Onions. Basically vegetables. And probably I consider myself a good chef because I can also cook rice.

CleAnn: So you can cook rice and stew and you're a good chef.

Nana: Yeah.

CleAnn: OK, that's very interesting.

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