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#1053 Have you been stopped by the police?

Diego: Hello, this is Diego from Mexico.

Silvia: Hello, this is Silvia from Guatemala.

Diego: And today I'm going to ask Silvia if she has ever been stopped by the police.

Silvia: Yes, I've been stopped by the police, and actually … No the thing is in Guatemala we have checkpoints. They wanna see if you have your driver's license. You know, if it's not expired or anything and that day, guess what?

Diego: You didn't have your driver's license.

Silvia: I grabbed another wallet, and I was running to go someplace, so I grabbed an empty wallet, so I had no ID, no driver's license, no money.

Diego: That's a very bad combination.

Silvia: I know.

Diego: OK.

Silvia: And they stopped me and asked for my driver's license, and I looked for it and I didn't have it.

Diego: And what did you do?

Silvia: I just told him, really, I'm 25. I have an driver's license. And so, "You don't look 25"

Diego: OK

Silvia: "What's your driver's license number?" I have no idea. "What's the letter in the beginning of your driver's license?" We have like some letters, and it's for the type of license you have, and I had no idea what he was talking about, because the way he said it, I didn't realize we was asking for the type. He said, "What's the first letter?" And I was thinking OK, maybe it's a combination of numbers and letters, and so he gave me a ticket.

Diego: Oh, was it expensive?

Silvia: Yes, of course it was expensive. So I never get stopped and the day I got stopped, I didn't have my driver's license.

Diego: That's a really bad experience.

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