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#1058 Have you ever been a babysitter?

Diego: Hello, Silvia. This is Diego from Mexico.

Silvia: Hi. I'm Silvia from Guatemala.

Diego: And I want to ask you a question today. I want to ask you, "Have you ever been a baby sitter?"

Silvia: Yes, I've been a babysitter. And actually, I was seventeen, so almost eight years ago, and I was in high school, and after school, I would go home, and my cousin would leave her little daughter with me, a two-year old, and she just learned how to walk so imagine that, and it was quite exhausting

Diego: She was a handful.

Silvia: Yeah, she was.

Diego: Did you get paid for this?

Silvia: No, I just liked her so much. I liked taking care of her even though sometimes she drove me crazy, and I felt like spanking her, but in the end I just ended spending the afternoon with her.

Diego: Ah, OK, sounds very good.

Silvia: It was OK, I guess.

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