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#1064 Who is a famous folk hero from your country?

Hi, my name is Paul Walker. I'm from the USA and this video is for And my question is: who is a famous folk hero from your country?

Texas history is full of colorful and legendary folk heroes, such as Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and Texas John Slaughter. One of the biggest of these is Big Foot Wallace. Big Foot Wallace came to Texas in 1836 to take part in the Texas revolution. He was a soldier, frontiersman, Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, and male carrier. There are many tall tales of Big Foot's life and adventures covering over fifty years of Texas history and he especially enjoyed recounting these tales himself, never telling the same story the same way twice. Big Foot was a big man for his day and time. He was six feet two inches tall and weighed 240 pounds, and Big Foot's feet, they were a foot long.

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