Alex / Australia flaf Danny / England flaf

#1074 Do you tend to hold onto things?

Danny: Hi, everyone I'm Danny from England.

Alex: And I'm Alex from Australia. And were going to be talking about whether or not we hoard things. Now Danny do you hoard things?

Danny: Oh, all the time. I have so many papers everywhere, so many books. All my receipts, just anything that I've bought that's special to me. All of them in one big box.

Alex: Really, well, I tend to keep my clothes even though they're well past their use-by dates

Danny: Oh, me too. I once had this t-shirt a friend bought me and I wouldn't throw it out and eventually my mom had to throw it out cause there were holes in it.

Alex: Oh, no.

Danny: Really, yeah. So what is the one item you've had the longest?

Alex: One item I've had the longest is probably this really disgusting teddy bear that I've had since I was three.

Danny: Oh, really.

Alex: It's been through the wash so many times.

Danny: It's not falling apart is it?

Alex: It is falling apart. Yeah.

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