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#1099 Would you like to be a backpacker?

Elena: Hello, this is Elena from Bulgaria

Diego: and Diego from Mexico.

Elena: for elllo.org. Today's question is would you like to be a backpacker? So?

Diego: Well, I have actually been a backpacker. I went backpacking through Europe a year and a half ago, and I don't know, I guess the whole idea of backpacking is a bit overrated in my own personal experience because backpacking in Europe is so easy. You just get on one train and point A to point B, so its not really a challenge, and that whole backpacking experience and going on an adventure kind of idea, it's really far from reality. And I don't know. Another thing I didn't like about my backpacking experience is that I always thought that like carrying everything in your backpack, it was going to make everything so much lighter and easier to move around, but I found out that it's just the opposite.

Elena: You just get tired and everything.

Diego: Yeah, your back gets really tired. Your shoulders get really exhausted and those backpacks are not really traveller friendly, so I don't know, I would recommend you to think twice about backpacking

Elena: OK, well, I don't know. I think Europe may not be the best place for that extreme backpacking experience. If you want to do that you might want to go to Southeast Asia or something.

Diego: Yeah, I think Southeast Asia would be a really good destination to backpacking.

Elena: Yeah.

Diego: Or maybe Africa or something for that really backpacking experience becomes a reality.

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