Mark / England flaf Sorie / Honduras flaf

Mark: My name is Mark.

Sorie: And my name is Sorie and today's question is, are you a budget traveler?

Mark: Definitely.

Sorie: How come?

Mark: Well, the thing that comes to my mind is my trip. I traveled for six months in India and when I went to India for six months I had, I took so little money with me but I stretched it out, I stretched it out and I stretched it out a bit more and I could stay there living in relency for luxury for hardly in mind.

Sorie: For how long?

Mark: Six months.

Sorie: Six months, wow, that's amazing.

Mark: Yeah, how about you, have you had any experience of traveling on a budget?

Sorie: No, I think I like luxury traveling, I like eating well and sing in nice places but every once in a while it's alright to have a budget travels especially if you're, especially if you're going to other beautiful country.

Mark: Alright, yeah, if you could go anywhere on a budget, where would you go?

Sorie: I would like to go to India as well.

Mark: I recommend it, I think it's a great country to travel on a budget.

Sorie: Well, I'll do that, thank you.

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