Win / Vietnam flaf Goron / Italy flaf

Win: My name is Win and I'm from Vietnam.

Goron: Hi, my name is Goron and I'm from Italy.

Win: So, Goron do you ever study online?

Goron: Of course I have. I guess it's a common practice nowadays, it's easy to find materials, it's easy to find whatever you're searching for and most of the time it's free so it's really convenient to search for PDF file maybe from sites like elllo and study languages. So, what about you?

Win: I study a lot online, I spend a lot of my time on the internet. I learned most of my English from the internet, playing games and stuff and I also read a lot from the internet. I think it's a really good thing that we have internet nowadays but I also try to remember to alternate between the internet and real life studying method.

Goron: Thank you.

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