David / Kenya flaf Vitalis / Ugandaflaf

Vitalis: This is Vitalis from Uganda.

David: And my name is David from Kenya.

Vitalis: David?

David: Yes, Vitalis.

Vitalis: We always have good experiences and bad experiences. What's the worse experience you've ever had?

David: My worst experience, I'd say, would be at the airport. I missed my flight. And I really didn't have any other person that I knew close to where I was, so it was either that I was to miss my flight completely, and I had already planned for my holiday and I was looking forward to going back home to see my family, and my friends, so you know, missing that flight, it wasn't a very good feeling cause it took me so many hours to convince them why I missed my flight, and, boy, it took a long time. But eventually, I went home. That's the good part.

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