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Gisela / Venezuela

Gisela talks about using air con and why she needs it sometimes.

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1324 Big or small company? (Gaew / Thailand)

1323 Have you ever been the boss? (Chris / US)

1322 Have you been in an accident? (Nuri / Korea)

1321 Have you been in an accident? (Diego / Mexico)

1320 How do people show affection? (Alejandro / Ecuador)

1319 What is a good childhood memory? (Nadja / Greece)

1318 Could you live on a secluded island? (Madina / Russia)

1317 Living on an Island (Abidemi / Nigeria)

1316 How often do you eat out? (Adelina / Spain)

1315 How often do you eat fast food? (Erina / Japan)

1314 Are there any wild animals where you live? (Olga / Mexico)

1313 Is there wildlife in your area? (Valeria / Argentina)

1312 What is the weather like today? (Florencia / Argentina)

1311 What is your favorite season? (Mickey / Nigeria)

1310 How is your country changing? (Nadja / Greece)

1309 Best Childhood Memory (Ksenia / Russia)

1308 Do I worry about money? (Hector / Puerto Rico)

1307 Do you want a big family? (Enam / Bangladesh)

1306 Do you like to be in the wild? (Madina / Russia)

1305 What is the meaning of life? (Madina / Russia)

1304 Do you like traveling? (Hector / Puerto Rico)

1303 What do you like about your city? (Florencia / Argentina)

1302 Do you use air con in summer? (Gisela / Venezuela)

1301 Have you noticed climate change? (Marcel / Uruguay)