Beginner English Grammar (A1) Lesson 6 of 25

Third Person Singular

Read and listen to four conversation using the third person singular form.

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Conversation 1

Woman: What does your mom do?
Man: She sells women’s clothing.
Woman: Oh, yeah? Where does he work?
Man: She has a small shop in the mall.
Woman: Does she sell clothing for teens?
Man: No, she only has stuff for adults.

Conversation 2

Man: What does your brother do?
Woman: He is a university student. He studies engineering.
Man: Oh, does he live at home?
Woman: No, he has a small apartment.
Man: Does he come home much?
Woman: No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have much free time.
Man: Oh, when do you see him?
Woman: On the holidays. He calls my mom every week, though.

Conversation 3

Man: Where does your daughter go to school?
Woman: She attends the local high school.
Man: Does she like her school?
Woman: Yes, she plays sports and participates in many clubs.
Man: Oh, what sports does she play?
Woman: She plays volleyball. She has a game tomorrow.
Man: Oh, I hope she wins.

Conversation 4

Man: When does the movie start?
Woman: It starts in about ten minutes.
Man: Cool! Who is in the movie?
Woman: Brad Pitt. He plays a policeman in the future.
Man: Does it have good reviews?
Woman: It does. Everyone says it is a great movie.

Third Person Pronouns

Point 1: The third-person singular refers to people or things we talk about. Singular means one!
  1. My dad is a doctor. He is smart.
  2. My mom is a police officer. She is brave.
  3. My house is old. It is cold in winter.
Point 2: The subject pronoun goes before a verb. Use he for malesshe for females, and it for things.
  1. Bob is my boss. He is really nice.
  2. Susan is my teacher. She has fun classes.
  3. This car is new. It was very expensive.
Point 3: The object pronoun goes after a verb. Use him for malesher for females, and it for things.
  1. This is Bob. You met him last year.
  2. Susan is my boss. I invited her to the party.
  3. This is my new watch. My friend got it for me.
Point 4: The adjective pronoun goes before a noun. Use his for malesher for females, and its for things.
  1. Joe is having a party. It is at his beach house.
  2. Beth is so nice. She let me use her car.
  3. I liked the new cafe, but its location is bad.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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