Beginner English Grammar (A1) Lesson 7 of 25


Read and listen to four conversation using adjectives.

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Conversation 1

Man: How are your classes?
Woman: Good. I really like my English class. It is fun and interesting.
Man: That’s nice. My English class is fun, too, but it is difficult.
Woman: What about your math class?
Man: It is easy, but it is very boring. Plus, the room is very small and hot.
Woman: Is the teacher strict?
Man: Yes, but she is very nice and friendly.
Woman: That is important. Math is no fun without a good teacher.
Man: I think so, too.

Conversation 2

Woman: Hello, can I help you?
Man: Yes, can I have a cafe mocha?
Woman: OK, hot or cold?
Man: Ice mocha, please. Is it sweet?
Woman: It is a little sweet. What size do you want?
Man: Medium, please.
Woman: We only have small and large sizes.
Man: In that case, large please.
Woman: OK, that will be 8.50.
Man: Wow! that’s expensive.
Woman: Yeah, it is not cheap. Do you still want it?
Man: Yes, please.

Conversation 3

Man: What a beautiful day!
Woman: Yes, the weather is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold.
Man: How is the wifi speed?
Woman: It is fast, but my computer is slow, though. It is a very old computer.
Man: My computer is old, too. I want a new one.
Woman: Me, too, but computers are so expensive.
Man: Some basic computers are cheap, but they are not very good.
Woman: Yeah, and they have a short life, and they are slow.
Man: Yes, no more slow computers for me!
Woman: Same here!

Conversation 4

Man: How is your food?
Woman: It is OK, but the sauce is a little salty.
Man: My food is salty, too.
Woman: Do you like it?
Man: Yes, it is very delicious, but I am full.
Woman: Really, I am still so hungry.
Man: Oh, please have mine. I cannot finish.
Woman: Thanks! That is very nice of you.


Adjectives are words that describe things.

Point 1: Adjectives can go after be verbs.
  1. My class is fun.
  2. My teacher is nice.
  3. Math is interesting.
Point 2: Adjectives can go before noun.
  1. I have a big house.
  2. That is a nice bag.
  3. He is a good teacher.
Point 3: You can put adjectives together.

Two adjectives

  1. He is smart and funny.
  2. She is kind and friendly.

Three adjectives

  1. She is tall, strong, and fast.
  2. The test was hard, long, and boring.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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