Beginner English Grammar (A1) Lesson 14 of 25

Ordinal Numbers

Hear four conversations using ordinal numbers.

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Conversation 1

Man: When is your birthday?
Woman: It is October 18th. When is your birthday?
Man: It is May 5th.
Woman: Oh, my sister's birthday is in May.
Man: Oh, what day?
Woman: May 11th.

Conversation 2

Man: When is your vacation?
Woman: It is from the 8th to the 12th. And you?
Man: It is from the 9th to the 15th.
Woman: Wow, so lucky. I work on the 13th.
Man: Yeah, I am lucky.
Woman: Do you start work on the 16th?
Man: Yes, I start work on the 16th.

Conversation 3

Man: Excuse me, where are the books?
Woman: The books are on the fifth floor.
Man: Fifth floor. Got it. And where are the sporting goods?
Woman: Sporting goods are on the third floor.
Man: Third floor. Great. And the restrooms?
Woman: They are on the first, second, fourth and sixth floors.
Man: Great. Thanks so much.
Woman: My pleasure.

Conversation 4

Man: What do you have first period?
Woman: I have math. And you?
Man: I have English. What about second period?
Woman: I have P.E. What about you?
Man: I have history class.
Woman: What do you have third period?
Man: I have art class.
Woman: Really! I have art class third period, too!


Point 1: Ordinals are numbers that show the order things appear or occur.

  1. first
  2. second
  3. third
  4. fourth
  5. fifth
  6. sixth
  7. seventh
  8. eight
  9. ninth
  10. tenth
Point 2: Most ordinals are just the number + th.

  1. 20th | twentieth
  2. 30th | thirtieth
  3. 40th | fortieth
  4. 50th | fiftieth
Point 3: The numbers 1 - 3 have special ordinals.

  1. 1 | first
  2. 2 | second
  3. 3 | third
  4. 21 | twenty-first
  5. 33 | thirty-third
  6. 82 | eighty-second
Point 4: The numbers 11 and 12 have special spellings that do not follow the normal rule.

  1. 11 | eleventh
  2. 12 | twelfth
  3. 111 | one hundred and eleventh
  4. 512 | five hundred and twelfth
Point 5: Numbers that end in -y change to -ieth.

  1. 20th | twentieth
  2. 30th | thirtieth
  3. 40th | fortieth
  4. 50th | fiftieth
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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