Intermediate English Grammar (B1) Lesson 7 of 25

Present Perfect for Experiences

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: Have you ever been to Asia?
Woman: Yes, I have. Many times.
Man: Where have you been?
Woman: I have been to Japan, Korea and China.
Man: Have you been to Indonesia?
Woman: No, I haven’t been there yet!

Conversation 2

Man: Have you ever eaten Japanese food?
Woman: I have. I have eaten lots of Japanese food.
Man: What foods have you eaten?
Woman: I’ve eaten sushi, ramen, and yaki-soba.
Man: Have you ever tried natto?
Woman: No, I haven’t, but I’ve heard it’s disgusting.

Conversation 3

Man: Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?
Woman: Yes, I have seen them all.
Man: Have you seen all the Spiderman movies?
Woman: No, I haven’t. Have you?
Man: Yes, I have seen them all except the latest one.
Woman: Oh, I’ve seen that one! It’s good!

Conversation 4

Man: Have you tried the new café?
Woman: No, I haven’t. I haven’t had time. Have you?
Man: I have. It is really nice, but I’ve only been there once.
Woman: I’ve heard it is really nice.
Man: It is! They’ve done a nice job!

Present Perfect - Experiences

Point 1: Use the present perfect to talk about experiences.

  • Where have you worked?
  • I’ve worked for many companies.
  • I haven’t worked for him.
  • Have you been to Europe?
  • Yes, I have been to Spain.
  • No, I haven’t had the time or money.

Point 2: Use the particle 'yet' in questions to ask if an action occured.

  • Have you seen the movie yet?
  • Yes, I have seen it.
  • No, I have not seen it yet.
  • Have you finished yet?
  • Yes, I am done.
  • Not yet.

Point 3: Use 'already' in affirmative statements. It can go before or after the verb. Also, the answer can use the past tense.

  • Have you eaten yet?
  • Yes, I've eaten already.
  • Yes, I've already eaten.
  • Have you called her?
  • Yes, I called her already.
  • Yes, I already called her.

Point 4: Contractions are commonly used in the present perfect.

  • I have eaten. = I’ve eaten.
  • I have not eaten. = I haven't eaten yet.

  • You have won. = You’ve won.
  • You have not won yet. = You haven't won yet.

  • She has left. = She’s left.
  • She has not left yet. = She hasn't left yet.

  • He has finished = He’s finished.
  • He has not finished yet. = He hasn't finished yet.

  • It has stopped. = It’s stopped.
  • It has not stopped yet. = It hasn't stopped yet.

  • They have quit. = They’ve quit.
  • They have not quit yet. = They haven't quit yet.

  • We have won. = We’ve won.
  • We have not won yet. = We haven't won yet.
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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