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Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: Do you like learning English?
Woman: I do, but I don't like studying grammar.
Man: Yeah, learning grammar is not easy.
Woman: Speaking is fun though. I love speaking in class.
Man: What about writing?
Woman: I don't enjoy writing that much.
Man: I agree. Writing is boring.
Woman: What about vocab? Do you like learning vocabulary?
Man: It depends. I like using some apps to learn vocabulary.
Woman: Me too. I like playing vocab games on my phone.

Conversation 2

Man: What is your hobby?
Woman: Hiking. I go hiking every month with my friends.
Man: Oh, that is great. Hiking is such good exercise.
Woman: What about you? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Man: Well, I don't like leaving the house, so I usually stay home.
Woman: Oh. What do you like doing then? Watching movies.
Man: No, I like being outside, so I enjoy gardening.
Woman: Oh, it sounds like we both like being in nature.

Conversation 3

Man: Do you like shopping online?
Woman: No, not really. I prefer shopping at the mall.
Man: Me too. I like trying on clothes before I buy them.
Woman: Do you like shopping alone or with friends?
Man: I prefer shopping alone. It's faster that way. What about you?
Woman: I prefer shopping with friends. It's fun walking around together.
Man: True. That is fun sometimes.

Conversation 4

Man: Are you good at playing sports?
Woman: No, but I like watching spots on TV. What about you?
Man: I love playing sports. I like watching it too.
Woman: What about music? Do you enjoy going to karaoke?
Man: No. I am terrible at singing. I can't sing at all.
Woman: Oh, that's too bad. I quite enjoy singing.
Man: I like listening to people sing, though.
Woman: Oh, good. You should join us next time.

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Point 1: The gerund is a verb that acts like a noun.
  1. Smoking is bad for health.
  2. I love cooking for family.
  3. I hate doing the dishes.
  4. Do you enjoy living here?
Point 2: The gerund is always the "ing" form of a verb.
  1. I love watching old movies.
  2. Eating out is expensive.
  3. Losing weight is not easy.
  4. Eating is not allowed in the library.
Point 3: The gerund can be the subject of sentence.
  1. Learning is fun.
  2. Driving can be dangerous.
  3. Living here is expensive.
Point 4: The gerund can be the object of a verb.
  1. I love playing sports.
  2. I hate jogging.
  3. I enjoy baking.
  4. I don't enjoy working alone.
Point 5: The gerund can be the object of a preposition.
  1. I do not know much about fixing computers.
  2. He was fired for stealing.
  3. We are afraid of losing the game.
  4. I am not good at spelling in English.
Answer these questions about the interview.
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