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Infinitives of Purpose

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Woman: I love this break room. It’s a great place to work.
Man: Yes, It’s a nice environment to relax and clear your head.
Woman: I love the view, too. It’s a nice distraction to break the tension of work.
Man: I wish the whole office was like this, really.
Woman: I wouldn’t go that far. I still like the privacy of my own office.
Man: Well, I don’t need an office to be productive. I can work from anywhere.
Woman: Not me. I need a room to be by myself sometimes.
Man: Yeah, I think most people feel the same way.

Conversation 2

Woman: Hello, can I help you?
Man: Yes. I’d like to get something for my wife for her birthday.
Woman: Alright. What did you have in mind?
Man: She said she wants a dress to wear for social occasions.
Woman: Well, what about this one? It’s a nice dress to wear for all occasions.
Man: I think this would look good on her. I guess this will do.
Woman: Would you like these shoes and this bag to go with it?
Man: No, thanks. Just the dress will do. Do you have a box to wrap it in?
Woman: We do. Let me take care of you at the register.

Conversation 3

Man: Hello. Can I ask you some questions about this computer?
Woman: Sure. I’d be glad to help.
Man: Does it have a webcam to hold online meetings?
Woman: No, it doesn’t, but it has a slot to connect to a camera.
Man: OK, does it have a good graphics card to play video games?
Woman: Not this model, but we have another computer that does. It also has a webcam.
Man: Great! Can I see it?
Woman: Yes, it’s right over here.

Conversation 4

Woman: I love your new car. It’s much nicer than your last one.
Man: Thanks. I needed a new one to do my job.
Woman: I see it has a navigation system.
Man: Yes, it’s very useful. I need it to help me find locations around town. My clients are scattered all over the city.
Woman: Was it expensive? It looks like it costs a lot.
Man: It was. I needed a loan to pay for it, but since I work in sales, it was worth the money.
Woman: Well, as they say, it takes money to make money.
Man: That is the truth. You can’t argue with that.

Infintives of Purpose

Point 1: An infintive of purpose describles the "purpose" of a noun.
  1. I have an old guitar to play at parties.
  2. I have lots of tools to do odd jobs.
  3. We need to save money to buy a new car.
  4. We have a dog to protect our house.
Point 2 : Infinitives of purpose appear after a noun.
  1. I bought a car to get to work.
  2. I need a box to carry these upstairs.
  3. I have a thick jacket to wear on cold days.
  4. You need a key to open the door.
Point 3 : The "to" in the verb is heavily reduced.
  1. I bought a car /tə/ get to work.
  2. I need a box /tə/ carry these.
  3. I have a thick jacket /tə/ wear on cold days.
  4. We need a key /tə/ open the door.
Point 4 : There are some idioms using this infinitives of purpose.
  1. It takes money to make money.
  2. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on.
  3. He has money to burn.
  4. You don't have the guts to do it.
Answer these questions about the interview.
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