Intermediate English Grammar (B1) Lesson 23 of 25

Adjectives with Infinitives

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Woman: Hey Jake, I am sorry to hear you are leaving us.
Man: Yeah, I will miss this place.
Woman: Where are you going next?
Man: I am going back to college to get my PhD.
Woman: Well, we will miss you. It is not easy to find good programmers these days.
Man: Thanks. I am sad to leave this place, but I am excited to begin a new chapter in my life.
Woman: Well, we are sad to see you go, but best of luck with your studies.
Man: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Conversation 2

Man: How was the mall? Did you have fun hanging out with your friends?
Woman: No, it was really crowded and almost impossible to find a place to sit.
Man: Yeah, it gets really busy on the weekend.
Woman: Yeah, it’s better to go on the weekdays. But it’s not fun to go then.
Man: Why? There are no crowds, so it is easy to get a table at the food court.
Woman: True, but it’s no fun to be the only one there.
Man: It’s hard to argue with that. Sometimes, it’s almost too quiet to have fun.

Conversation 3

Woman: How was the game?
Man: It was good. I am happy to say we finally won.
Woman: Oh, great. I am glad to hear that.
Man: Yeah, it was nice to win for a change.
Woman: Yeah, it’s no fun to lose all the time.
Man: It certainly is not.

Conversation 4

Woman: So, how is the diet going?
Man: Not good. It is so hard to lose weight.
Woman: I know. It is never easy to stick to a diet.
Man: Also, I am very busy these days, so it is hard to find time to exercise.
Woman: Well, don’t give up. You can do it.
Man: That’s easy for you to say. You never gain weight.

Infinitives after Adjectives

Point 1: The infinitive can appear after an adjective to give extra information related to the object and adjective.
  1. This car is fun to drive.
  2. Japanese is hard to learn.
  3. My dog is too big to carry.
  4. It was nice to see you.
Point 2: The adjective and infinitive are sometimes split.
  1. That is easy for you to say.
    1. That is easy to say.
  2. It's good from time to time to take it easy.
    1. It is good to take it easy.
Point 3: The infinitive can come after the comparative and superlative forms.
  1. This was much harder to do that I expected.
  2. It is best to leave early.
  3. His class is the hardest to get an A.
  4. It is harder to make friends at my new school.
Point 4: There are many common saying in English using this form.
  1. It's nice to meet you.
  2. We are so happy to see you.
  3. I'm glad to hear that.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that.
Answer these questions about the interview.
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