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Past Participle Clause

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: There’s a car parked across the street that looks a little suspicious.
Woman: Oh, yeah? Why do you say that?
Man: Well, it’s been sitting there for awhile with its engine running and lights turned on.
Woman: Oh, it’s probably nothing. Some guys probably just pulled over to check a map or something.
Man: I don’t know. The person seated inside looks a bit sketchy.
Woman: OK, that’s it. No more crime drama shows for you.

Conversation 2

Man: Have you heard about Bob’s new project?
Woman: No. What has he been up to lately?
Man: He’s built a bike made entirely of bamboo.
Woman: What? He made a bike made of bamboo?
Man: Yeah, and all the bamboo used on the bike he made himself.
Woman: You got to give it to him. That man’s got talent.

Conversation 3

Man: What’s in the boxes located outside?
Woman: Just some junk left from that last tenant.
Man: Who’s gonna move them?
Woman: I am not sure. They said we could toss them out.
Man: Then why don’t you?
Woman: To be honest, I want to see what’s inside first.
Man: Me too. Let’s go have a look.

Conversation 4

Man: What movie did you see last night?
Woman: We saw that new French war movie filmed in black and white.
Man: I heard about that. Is it any good?
Woman: It’s really good. It’s a war story told through the eyes of children.
Man: That sounds really interesting.
Woman: I think you would like it. It’s French, though, so it’s subtitled.
Man: I’ll pass then. I hate movies subtitled in English. I’ll wait till it’s on Netflix.

Past Participle Clause

Point 1: The past participle relative clause is a clause that gives more information about a preceding noun.
  1. The house that burned down in the fire was a famous landmark.
  2. The coffee served at that café is the best in town.
  3. I try not to sell products made from plastic.
  4. Everyone is talking about the commercial shown during the game.
Point 2: The past participle relative clause is a clause that omits words from an adjective clause.
  1. All the food (that is) sold in the store is all organic.
  2. The vegetables (that are) grown in the area are exported to other countries.
  3. The woman (that is) seated at the table is my friend.
  4. The book (that is) used by my school is not very good.
Point 3: The past participle shows a passive relationship.
  • The vegetables grown by local farmers are organic.
  • The vegetables that local farmers grow are organic.
  • The information sent to investors was inaccurate.
  • The information that the company sent to investors was inaccurate.
Point 4: The past participle can represent past, present and future tenses.
  1. The items (that are) sold in stores cost more than items that are sold online.
  2. The cars (that were) produced overseas have been recalled.
  3. All commercials (that will be) shown in the Super Bowl cost a million dollars.
Answer these questions about the interview.


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The person seated inside looks a bit sketchy.

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It was all classical theories, most of which I already knew.

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She no longer works in my department.

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It's weird that no one saw the accident.

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