English for Intermediate Students - CEFR B2 - Lesson 12 of 25

Relative Clause with Quantifiers

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: How was the lunch buffet?
Woman: It was alright, but it consisted mostly of snack dishes, most of which were fried and greasy.
Man: Hmm! Didn’t they have any fruits or vegetables?
Woman: Yes, there were some fruits and some salads, none of which looked fresh, however.
Man: It doesn’t sound like a good place to eat.
Woman: No, it’s not. I won’t be going there tomorrow.
Man: Well, there are lots of restaurants near the hotel, some of which look very nice.
Woman: Yes, I look forward to trying one tomorrow.

Conversation 2

Man: How is the hiring process going?
Woman: Great. We’ve received many good candidates, most of whom are very qualified.
Man: How are things looking for the IT department? We really need some good software developers.
Woman: Things are looking good. We have several applicants, all of whom have excellent programming skills.
Man: Great. When does the second round of interviews begin?
Woman: We have several scheduled next week, all of which will be held online.
Man: Great. Please keep me in the loop.
Woman: I will.

Conversation 3

Woman: Hello, I heard that you wanted to report a crime.
Man: Yes, some teens came in my store and stole some food and beverages.
Woman: OK, how many of them were there?
Man: There were four teenagers, all of whom I had seen before. I think they live in the neighborhood.
Woman: OK, what did you see them take?
Man: The took some candy from over there and some sodas in the back, none of which they paid for.
Woman: OK, I can take a report, but if the crime is less than 100 dollars, we can’t do anything.
Man: Well, that’s unfortunate. If this happens again, I might take the law into my own hands.
Woman: I wouldn’t do that. I recommend you install security cameras, most of which are very affordable and do a good job of deterring crime.
Man: OK, officer. I’ll consider that. Thanks for your help and have a nice day.
Woman: Thanks, you too.

Conversation 4

Man: What did you think of the lecture?
Woman: It was pretty boring. It was all classical theories, most of which I already knew.
Man: I agree, although he did make some good points about modern economics.
Woman: Yes, but his ideas are based on the views of ancient economists, most of whom never lived in the digital era.
Man: So, you don’t think classical economic theory applies to modern times?
Woman: No, I don’t. I think a lot of those older economic theories, many of which are over 100 years old, do not hold up today.
Man: Maybe you can write one yourself.
Woman: Funny you should mention that: I am.


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Answer these questions about the interview.


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B2-11 Past Participle Clause
The person seated inside looks a bit sketchy.

B2-12 Relative Clause with Quantifiers
B2-12 Relative Clause with Quantifiers
It was all classical theories, most of which I already knew.

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She no longer works in my department.

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I am not surprised that he did that.

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It's weird that no one saw the accident.

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