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Hong Kong

Laura talks about her city of Hong Kong and living in high rises.

Todd: OK, we're here with Laura. Hello!

Laura: Hi!

Todd: Hi! Now, Laura, where you are from?

Laura: I'm from Hong Kong.

Todd: Hong Kong. That's great. So tell us about Hong Kong.

Laura: Well, it's a country for people, and well, when I ask my friends would they love Hong Kong they just say, Oh well, many good cheap things to buy, what, so many, a lot of delicious dishes, what, so.

Laura: And Hong Kong is a really big modern city, with tall, tall buildings.

Todd: Do you live downtown where all the tall buildings are?

Laura: When, I'm in the city. I live in the 24th floor.

Todd: The 24th floor.

Laura: So my brother live in 44.

Todd: Wow!

Laura: It's amazing right?

Todd: Yeah, that's insane. Wow

Laura: So just for residential users we have very tall buildings.

Todd: Oh, OK. What's the best thing about Hong Kong?

Laura: Well, what do you mean?

Todd: Like what's something that is really nice about living in Hong Kong?

Laura: Mm!

Todd: It's kind of hard. I'm sorry. On the spot, how about the food? Does Hong Kong have really good food?

Laura: Maybe a lot of choice. So you have different kind of cuisine, like Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, well, a lot of choice.

Todd: OK. And the people of Hong Kong, do they all speak different types of Chinese?

Laura: Well, mainly Cantonese, but sometimes, well in school they usually speak English.

Todd: Really!

Laura: Yes, now because well, we are a part of China, so we usually, we have to learn Mandarin as well.

Todd: OK, so you speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Laura: Well, you can say that.

Todd: That's amazing. OK, thanks a lot.

Answer these questions about the interview.
Learn vocabulary from the Lesson


Hong Kong is a really big modern city.

A "modern" city has a contemporary appearance, a style that is popular now and recent technology.  Notice the following:

  1. He always has the most modern technology.
  2. Do you prefer modern or traditional houses?


Do you live downtown?

The "downtown" of a city is the central area, where a lot of the businesses and stores are.  Notice the following:

  1. They like to go shopping downtown.
  2. Do you know the streets downtown?


For residential users we have very tall buildings.

A "residential" area is a place where people live in houses or apartments.  This may be in a separate area from the stores or businesses.  Notice the following:

  1. They are building a new residential complex close to my office.
  2. We moved out of downtown and into a more residential neighborhood a few years ago.

on the spot

It's kind of hard. I'm sorry. On the spot.

If you are "on the spot" all attention is focused on you and you have to make a statement or decision right now.  Notice the following:

  1. He put me on the spot by asking my opinion about the new plan.
  2. She always gets nervous when people put her on the spot.

you can say that

Well, you can say that.

We you the phrase "you can say that" to show agreement with what another person has said.  It is similar to "that is true."  Notice the following:

  1. You can say that the city is an exciting place to live.
  2. You can say that he is a hard worker.


Vocabulary Quiz

modern • downtown • residential
on the spot • can say that
  1. I guess you I prefer to work early in the morning.
  2. Do you prefer or historical cities?
  3. The journalist really put her with a lot of those questions.
  4. You can't drive fast here because it's a area.
  5. There will be a parade and musical performance tomorrow.

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